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Allen Moody has been handicapping sports for more than 35 years and has been writing about sports betting for more than 12 years. He has been a regular contributor to Bang the Book for the past three years, sharing his insights with readers across all different sports. Twitter: allengmoody.

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College Basketball Totals Plays 2/17/18

With the college basketball conference tournaments not too far away, it’s time to switch a little bit of attention to college hoops, where I’ll have either college totals or college power rating plays, both on many days.

7 days ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/14/18

We fell to 49-38 last time out, getting no help from the Suns, but now have a massive 12-game slate waiting for us, so we’ll get right to it.

1 week ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/12/18

An ugly final few minutes in the Utah Jazz at Portland game did us in on Sunday, as we dropped to 49-37 on the season. A relatively small slate of games tonight with the Spurs at the Jazz probably the best of the bunch. New York at Philadelphia: The 76ers are favored by 11.5 and … Continue reading NBA Totals Plays 2/12/18

2 weeks ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/11/18

We moved to 49-36 on the season last time out and now have a decent-sized slate on Sunday, but since I’m running a little late, we’ll focus on one of the last games tonight, which we have a tendency to do anyway.

2 weeks ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/9/18

We just managed to sneak over the number last night with the Warriors and move to 48-36 on the season. Decent-sized slate today, so we’ll get right to it.

2 weeks ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/8/18

The worst type of games last night, where the lines moved against us late, so those who tailed early won and those who followed late lost. Absolutely hate winning when some who followed lost, which is one reason I’ll wait until later in the day to release plays, but have had games where the opposite occurred, so we’ll take our 47-36 record into tonight.

2 weeks ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/7/18

We’re back after a couple of days off, as those who have followed me over the years know that I tend to take a day or so off after the completion of every sport.

2 weeks ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/3/18

We’re at 46-35 for the season heading into Saturday’s late of games, where we’ll be looking at one of the later games for today’s play.

3 weeks ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/2/18

We moved to 45-35 for the season on Thursday and have a huge slate of games tonight, so we’ll get right to it.

3 weeks ago

NBA Totals Plays 2/1/18

We fell to 44-34 on Wednesday as we enter February with a rather small five-game slate, with a decent-looking game between the Rockets and Spurs, along with several other pretty good games for such a small schedule.

3 weeks ago

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