Ignition Casino Promo & Deposit Bonus Code Information

 Bonus TypePromotion
Casino Promo Bonus$3,000 Welcome Bonus
Bad Beat BonusUp to $1,000
Crypto Bonus$3,000
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Ignition Casino Signup Bonus, Promo Code & Casino Review

Ignition Casino was first founded back in 2016, and it became another great option in the online casino industry. This Ignition Casino review will take a closer look at all of the top features of the site, and will also discuss how to get an Ignition Casino promo code. 

You are going to find a pretty typical online casino experience at Ignition Casino, but there are some ways in which it stands out as well. This operator is known for having some massive live poker tournaments, and also a huge selection of slots and table games. 

It is easy to take advantage of an Ignition Casino bonus, and there are going to be plenty of options to choose from on the site. You will see in this Ignition Casino review that there are still some areas where this operator can improve, but it’s going to give customers a solid sports betting experience. 

Latest Promotions & Offers at Ignition Casino

You are going to see an Ignition Casino promo code when you first log on to the site, and it’s the welcome bonus that should have your attention right away. Every operator is going to have some sort of promotion for new customers, but the Ignition Casino bonus for new customers is a big one.

Ignition Casino Bonus InformationDeposit PromoIgnition Casino Promo Code
Ignition Casino – $3,000 $3,000CLICK HERE

$3,000 Welcome Bonus

The first Ignition Casino promo code that should catch your attention is the welcome bonus that is worth up to $3,000 to all new customers. You will only get the bigger portion of this welcome offer if making a deposit with crypto as the total bonus is just $2,000 with a credit card.

The biggest bonus offered at Ignition Casino is a 150% first deposit match up to $1,500 at the casino, and that is matched at the poker room as well. If you use a credit card to make a deposit then you will get $1,000 from a 100% match at the casino, and the same offer at the poker room. 

Social Media Freeroll

You can actually get an Ignition Casino promo code on social media sites, and it’s an offer that unlocks up to $2,500 in weekly freerolls. Ignition Casino is going to share that promo code on various social media sites and then you will be able to enter it on the site to unlock the offer. 

Solid Referral Ignition Casino Bonus

If you are able to get your friends to sign up for a new account at Ignition Casino then you are going to give yourself more chances to win. The Ignition Casino promo code when it comes to referring a friend will earn you up to $125. 

There is no limit to how many friends that you get to sign up, but make sure that they use crypto in order to unlock the biggest bonus. 

Bad Beat Bonus

If you suffer a big loss at Ignition Casino then you can actually be eligible for a bonus. The Bad Beat bonus offer from Ignition Casino will pay you up to $1,000 if your pocket cards are beaten on the turn card when playing poker. There are some other restrictions when it comes to this offer, and this isn’t something that is going to be available to you at all times.

Ignition Casino Pros & Cons

Ignition Casino Pros

  • Massive Welcome Bonus Available
  • Daily/Weekly Promos For Current Customers
  • Big Poker Tournaments
  • Great Banking Options
  • Over 300+ Games Available

Ignition Casino Cons

  • Very poor customer service
  • Limited Availability in United States

Ignition Casino Game Offerings

There are more than 300 different games available at Ignition Casino and a majority of those games are going to come in the form of online slots games. Ignition has done a great job of adding nearly all of the most popular titles and those games are all very different as well. 

Traditional online slots are offered at Ignition, but you can also get many different progressive jackpot games offered. Pay close attention when playing at Ignition Casino as there are some “Hot Drop” jackpot games offered, and that is how you can win games in a hurry. 

Of course blackjack and roulette are offered as table games, and there are actually some different versions of those games available as well. It can be a bit hard to find the exact game that you are looking for, but choosing the correct style of game will make things a bit easier.

There is also a live dealer casino available at Ignition, and that is where you are going to find those same table games. The only difference when looking at the live dealer is that the action is going to be coming much quicker than what you find as a traditional table game. 

Website and Mobile Experience at Ignition 

There are some online casino operators that had to make a ton of improvements to their website after launching, but that wasn’t really the case at Ignition Casino. Ignition has still upgraded the website  over time, and they have created a solid experience for all of their customers. 

A black and red color scheme is used at Ignition Casino, and it’s extremely easy to navigate. All of the main menu items can be found on top of the screen, and that is how you are going to want to quickly navigate around the site. 

Each of the different gaming styles will have its own category, and you won’t have to spend time sifting through a ton of different games. That’s a nice feature, and it is going to be look and feel the same when you access the site from a mobile device as well.

You are not going to see a mobile app offered from Ignition Casino, but it’s not really necessary. A mobile-friendly version of the site will be available when using a mobile device. 

Ignition Banking Options

At first glance it looks as if Ignition Casino has a ton of banking options available, but there are really only a couple of groups of options available. Regardless of how you look at the banking options, it is always going to be a great option to use cryptocurrency of some kind. 

Using crypto will allow you to make a deposit with a minimum of just $10, and you can also use those as withdrawal options  as well. You aren’t going to see any fees associated with a crypto payment, and they are going to be processed quicker than other options. 

You can also use an American Express, Mastercard, or Visa card to make a payment at Ignition Casino, and there is a $20 minimum deposit required. You are not going to be able to make a withdrawal using a credit card as that’s not something offered at Ignition. 

Really the only other option if you are looking to get some winnings from Ignition beyond using crypto is to request a check by mail. There is no minimum required when requesting a check, but there will be fees and it could take up to two weeks before you get your payment. 

Customer Support at Ignition Casino

While this Ignition Casino review has touched on the top features of this online casino, there are some areas that still need some work as well. The customer support department at Ignition Casino is one of the areas that needs some work. 

There is only one way to get in touch with customer support at Ignition Casino and that is through live chat. Unfortunately you won’t be able to make a phone call or send an email to Ignition Casino, and those are two options that you are going to find elsewhere. 

When we tested out the live chat feature at Ignition Casino, we were happy with the answer that we received. The only problem was that there was a wait time of at least 10 minutes, and it took some time before an answer was delivered. 

Ignition Limits and Odds

If you are going to get into the live poker games at Ignition Casino then those are going to come with a $10 minimum in order to play. Beyond that, you are going to find different betting limits for all of the different games that are offered. 

You are going to find online slots that come with games that are available for as low as $0.01, but there are bigger wagers available as well. Of course, the amount of money that you are willing to wager will dictate how much you can potentially win with each game. 

It’s hard to really compare the odds at Ignition Casino to those at other sites, because there are some unique games offered. For the more traditional games, Ignition has odds that are comparable to other sites, and the chances to win are going to be nearly the same as well. 

Live Casino Game Play

Live dealer games are still a bit new when it comes to online casinos, but it didn’t take Ignition Casino long to get that done. There is a quality selection of live casino games offered at Ignition, and new games are on the way as well. 

There are four different types of live dealer games found at Ignition Casino, but a number of different selections of each game. The four types of games that you are going to find include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and super6. 

The only issue that you might run into when playing at the live casino is that all of the tables could be full at times. If that is the case then you are going to have to wait around a bit to get in on the action, and that can be a bit frustrating. 

Additional Features at Ignition

Ignition Rewards is easily one of the best additional features that you are going to find at Ignition Casino. This is a loyalty rewards program, and it’s extremely easy to rack up the points in order to unlock some big prizes at the online casino. 

Not only are you going to be offered a great rewards program when you sign up at the site, but other gambling forms are going to be available to you as well. Those are going to come in the form of live poker tournaments and virtual sports betting. 

Online sports betting is nothing new, but Ignition Casino tends to do things a bit differently as all of the action is going to be played virtually. It’s also pretty common for Ignition Casino to hand out bonus plays or free spins at the casino, and those can then be redeemed for a big win if you play it right. 

BangTheBook’s Conclusion and Recommendation

Ignition Casino is still one of the newest options in the industry even though it was launched back in 2016. You will definitely get the feel of a newer option when logging on to Ignition Casino, and the experience only gets better from there. 

There is no shortage of games offered by Ignition Casino, and you are even going to find some massive poker tournaments to enjoy. Ignition Casino is going to have odds that are comparable to other sites, and there are some solid banking options as well. 

It’s easy to find an Ignition Casino promo code, and there are always going to be great bonus options available. There are still some areas in which Ignition Casino needs to improve moving forward, but you are going to get a great experience. 

Sign up at Ignition Casino today and take advantage of the massive welcome bonus that is available at the site. 

Ignition Casino FAQs

Is there an Ignition Casino promo code available to new customers?

Yes, there is a massive Ignition Casino promo code available to all new customers as it’s one that could potentially be worth up to $3,000. This bonus comes in the form of a big bonus at both the casino and poker room. 

Does Ignition Casino offer a mobile app?

Ignition Casino does not have a mobile app available for download, but you will be able to use your mobile device to log on to the site. This website and mobile-friendly version of the website are very easy to navigate and comes with great speed.

Can I bet on sports at Ignition Casino?

Traditional sports betting is not available at Ignition Casino, but there are a large number of virtual sports to wager on. This is going to take on the form of sports betting, but all of the action will be played virtually. 

Are there live poker games to bet on at Ignition Casino?

There are a couple of different types of live poker available at Ignition Casino, and this operator is known for having massive live poker tournaments. Those will have different buy-ins, with the potential to win some big money. 

Will I be able to use Bitcoin to make a deposit or receive my winnings?

Yes, Bitcoin is an acceptable form of payment that is accepted at Ignition, and you can receive your winnings in cryptocurrency as well. You will actually get additional bonuses if you use crypto as your top choice when banking.

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