Top Online Parlay Sportsbooks – Best Parlay Odds

Bettors are always looking for the best bang for their buck. One of the ways to do this is to make a parlay wager. Parlays require a minimum of two selections per ticket. There are different parlay odds across the sports betting marketplace and they are also contingent on the lines that are bet. For example, a +110, -120, and +200 parlay will obviously pay back a different amount than three against the spread bets at -110.

Knowing which sportsbooks offer the best parlay odds can be a deciding factor for a lot of bettors that like the increased reward from the increased risk. Parlays aren’t exclusive to those with smaller bankrolls, as some with deeper pockets will take the increased risk to parlay money line favorites or throw underdogs together on something like a sports betting lottery ticket.

Think about it. You’d rather play 3/2 blackjack than 6/5. You’d rather play single zero roulette than double zero. You’d rather play 10x odds on craps than 3-4-5x odds. Anything that helps the player should be a focal point when selecting a sportsbook, a casino game, or any other gambling venture. That’s why it’s so important to shop around and get the best parlay odds so that you can maximize your investment.

Here is a look at some of the top online sportsbooks in the industry when it comes to the best odds for parlay card payouts:

  • #1 BetOnline Sportsbook

    BetOnline offers a lot of different betting options and they are one of the earliest books to open lines in the offshore market. They are willing to take on some increased exposure to get the numbers out early, which makes them a preferred outlet anyway. But, their parlay odds also help the equation. Two-team parlays bet at a straight -110 price will pay out 2.64 to 1. The actual payout amount obviously depends on the odds for each team, but the starting point of 2.64 is pretty standard within the industry.

    Where BetOnline is a little bit better is that they pay out 6 to 1 on three-team parlays. Not all sportsbooks in the offshore marketplace are willing to go with the full 6 to 1 on the three-teamers. Again, keep in mind that any edge, as small as it may seem, is a big one.


  • #2 BetDSI Sportsbook

    At BetDSI Sportsbook, there is one minor change that can really help bettors. DSI offers a 2.645 to 1 payout on two-team parlays. That’s a bit better than what the other books are offering at 2.64, but DSI is slightly lower on the three-teamers at 5.958 to 1, so that’s the little trade-off that you have to pay. Still, for the level of customer service and the exclusive promo codes bonuses offered through, DSI is a very formidable book for all of your sports betting needs.

    Along with the slight improvement on two-team parlays, DSI will pay 175.446 to 1 on an eight-team parlay winner, whereas BetOnline will pay just the flat 175 to 1. These small decimal changes are true as you go along, all the way up to a 15-team parlay.


  • #3 5Dimes Sportsbook

    5Dimes Sportsbook has similar parlay odds to BetOnline, but one of the differences about 5D is that few sportsbooks, if any, offer the sheer number of betting options. 5Dimes tends to hit the market first on a lot of futures, which cannot necessarily be parlayed, but if you’re already going to have an account over there to hit futures, you know that their parlay odds are comparable with the rest of the industry. 5Dimes pays the 2.64 to 1 on the two-teamer and 6 to 1 on the three-teamer. Just about every book pays a little more than 12 to 1 on a three-teamer and over 24 to 1 on a four-teamer.

    5Dimes also offers open parlays, so you can keep adding on to build up a ticket with a huge payout. As long as you keep picking winners, your payout keeps going up and that is a fun opportunity to have.

    One other really unique element to 5Dimes compared to the rest of the offshores is that proposition bets can be parlayed. Many sportsbooks only allow sides, totals, and money lines to be parlayed. They also offer a true odds payout on any parlay with 16-25 teams.


  • #4 Bookmaker Sportsbook

    Bookmaker Sportsbook offers very similar parlay odds to BetDSI. The two used to be together under the CRIS family of books, but DSI recently went independent, so we’ll have to see if they offer some different parlay odds in the future in order to separate themselves from the rest of the market.

    Bookmaker, like the other three books listed above, has a maximum payout of $150,000 on any parlay wager. Bookmaker is offering a special 50 percent welcome cash bonus up to $1,000 when you join and deposit using Bitcoin.


  • #5 Bovada Sportsbook

    Bovada is a trusted and tenured name in the sports betting industry. Formerly known as Bodog, many people got their start playing parlays at this sportsbook. Over at Bovada, the payouts are virtually the same as the other sportsbooks, with a 2.645 to 1 payout on a two-team parlay and a 5.958 to 1 payout on a three-team parlay. Bovada allows a maximum of 12 teams per parlay ticket and caps the payout at $100,000, so they are a little bit below some of the other books in the industry, but the peace of mind for being at such a popular and well-trafficked book is more than enough to offset something like that.