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BetAnySports & 5Dimes?

After years of serving the US market 5Dimes closed to US players on September 21, 2020, what many sports bettors didnt know was that they had a “sister sportsbook” BetAnySports that provided all the same lines, odds, props and as advertised over 1,000 wagering options each day!

With the closing BetAnySports 5Dimes separated and BetAnySports became its own stand alone sportsbook with the same great selection. Whats even better is they have a bigger new user bonus. BangTheBook’s Exclusive new user bonus at BetAnySports is 55%!!!


Out of the wilderness of online sportsbooks that sometimes appear to be a maze of graphics and navigation that is dying to be solved comes, a comprehensive one-stop wagering shop that makes the whole process go down smoothly.

As a brand, BetAnySports has been in operation since 2010, although its roots are originally with the 5Dimes organization, which is a giant in the industry, its now no longer with them any hasnt missed a beat. So you know that there is a lot of expertise that goes into what they have to offer.

This is an easy-to-use interface that lets you get in and out quickly. No, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles in the world, but that works out pretty well for you as the player because it operates so fluidly. There aren’t endless drop boxes or buttons to click. All you have to do is log in and it’s all in front of you – the sports book, the casino, mini-blackjack, racebook action, and lottery. This is truly a full-service brand, and you’ve got some economy of movement while negotiating your way through it.


Once you’re inside, you’re going to find one of the most pleasurable things any sports bettor can experience. It’s called “reduced odds wagering.” What does that mean? Well, it means that you will have the option of laying less juice than usual on a game. You’ll simply look for the checkbox that says “Reduced” and away you go! Remember, traditionally you’re going to lay $1.10 when you’re betting a football game. In the case of BetAnySports, you can pay -105 or less, or even take a price. This way, it can really work to your advantage.

Let’s talk about what that means in straight betting. To illustrate, we’ll use a consistent model of laying -105 rather than -110 (you can get even better prices than this). When you have to overcome the “11-to-10,” you need to pick winners at a 52.38% rate to break even, assuming the same wager each time. On that basis, at -105, you only need to win 51.22% of the time. Over the course of a season, that can and will make a difference.

BetAnySports Welcome Bonus & Deposit Promotion Bonus InformationDeposit PromoBetAnySports Bonus Code
Sportsbook – 55% Free Play$1000BTB55
Casino – 20% RebateUnlimitedBTB55

BetAnySports Pros

  • 1000s Wagering Options
  • BetAnySports is 5Dimes
  • Quick Payouts
  • Low Juice

BetAnySports Cons

  • Free Play Bonus Not Cash
  • Only 1 Free Payout a Month

Live lines are available right from the home page, and your balance is visible at all times. The minimum wager is $1, so you can get in on the action very easily. There is literally nothing you can’t bet. You can choose from NFL and college football, NBA , college and international basketball, Major League Baseball, the NHL and other selected international hockey events, golf, tennis, boxing, mixed martial arts, soccer from all over the world, NASCAR and other forms of auto racing, rugby, Australian rules football, volleyball, novelty bets and much, much more.

And you won’t get cheated when it comes to the more “exotic” wagers either. You’ll have the opportunity to bet parlays, teasers, pleasers, round robins, reverses, if bets, rolling if bets and more. You can buy points on almost any game as well. And when you start talking about futures and propositions; well, let’s just say they are in abundance.

It’s pretty easy to fund an account. For deposits, you can use major credit/debit cards, person-to-person money transfers, checks and money orders, wire transfers, plus the electronic methods like Click2Pay, Gold-Pay, Moneybookers, Neteller, InstaDebit, and eWalletXpress. When you want to get your money out, you can make use of Gold-Pay, Moneybookers, Neteller, InstaDebit, while also receiving withdrawals through wire transfers, person-to-person transfers, and checks.

The bonus situation is generous. As a part of the regular program, there is a 50% free play in the sportsbook part of BetAnySports, and there are various reload bonuses that are available to make things more attractive. It’s also pretty tough to beat a 20% cashback on sports betting losses that can come into effect twice a year, at designated times; you may want to inquire about this. And heck, when you’ve got “reduced juice” it’s almost like a bonus in and of itself.

You won’t beat this customer service department either. They can be reached at all times; either call them at 1-800-604-5922, pull up the support representative on live chat (the icon is always visible) or email the department at

If you are looking for an aggressive wagering shop that is trouble-free at the same time, and with a lot of different ways to get in on some of your favorite action, you simply can’t do any better than this.

BetAnySports Parlay Odds

The name BetAnySports may not be a familiar to you but if you enjoy betting on sports it should be. BetAnySports is quickly making a name in the online gaming industry as one of the best sports books to be a part of. They cater to all of their clientele, especially when it comes to betting on parlays.

# of TeamsParlay Payoff

A parlay is a group of straight bets of either spreads/money lines or totals combined into one bet with an increased payout. For the parlay to be a winner, all of the individual selections of the parlay need to win. If there is a push, cancellation, or no action in one or more of your parlay picks, the wager steps down to the next lower number of teams.  This is the norm at any major sportsbook in the industry, but where BetAnySports sets themselves apart from the other places is in the options and odds they offer on parlays.

BetAnySports offers a minimum of a two-team parlay with a maximum of a 15-team parlay available to their betting clients. While other sports books may offer a wider variety of teams to be included in the parlay, BetAnySports odds are second-to-none.

In a two-team parlay at BetAnySports the returning payouts are graded at 2.6/1 but the more teams that are included, the higher the payouts get. A 15-team parlay pays off at an outstanding 9000/1 which is unheard of for a place that offers parlays. Parlay bettors that use strategies to try and hit the big parlay should have an out at BetAnySports.

BetAnySports also offers the client the ability to have open parlays so they can add to their parlay when they find a game that they like best.

BetAnySports may not be a sportsbook that is familiar to you, but it will be once you bet a parlay there because you will never go back to your old sportsbook again.

BetAnySports Teaser Odds

BetAnySports is one of the most exciting sports books in the online gaming industry today. They have the biggest variety of sports betting options on every major sporting event in the world. This variety makes them a desirable out for any sports betting fanatic. BetAnySports is focused on giving the bettor all the options they need to make money betting on sports and that includes teaser betting.

For those not familiar with teaser betting it is a group of straight bets and/or totals combined into one bet. In a teaser line you bet against for each individual wager is moved to your favor by the number of points of the teaser. For example, if the regular line is -12 and you have a 6-point teaser, then your line would be -6. At BetAnySports they cater to the player that loves to bet teasers and attempt to implement teaser betting strategies.

BetAnySports steps up to the plate in a huge way by offering one of the largest teaser options in the industry today. They offer 2-team teasers all the way up to 15-team teasers! This sets up the teaser betting fanatic to cash in big if they can manage to hit it big betting football.

It gets even better when looking at the points that can be sued. Like most sports books they offer the regular numbers (6, 6.5, 7) but they go outside of the box and offer other unique numbers such as 4.5, and all numbers at half-point intervals all the way up to 19 points! This sets a new landmark in teaser betting! The odds for all of the different and numerous combinations for the teasers can be located at BetAnySports. They have provided a detailed grid revealing all of the outstanding payouts.

BetAnySports is well known for their wide variety of sports betting options and will soon be recognized as one of the best sportsbooks to place teaser bets at. See for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

BetAnySports Teaser Payout Charts

# ofTeamsTeasers
NFL Sides56789
All Other Football56789
All Basketball4566
2Ties Reduce+107+103+100-110-120-135-150-165-180-200
Ties Win+105+101-105-115-128-143-158-173-190N/A
3Ties Reduce+200+190+180+165+150+135+120+110+100-107
Ties Win+195+185+172+157+142+127+115+105-104N/A
4Ties Reduce+335+315+300+265+240+215+185+168+153+140
Ties Win+325+310+285+250+225+200+175+160+145N/A
5Ties Reduce+525+490+465+410+365+320+270+245+220+200
Ties Win+510+480+440+385+340+295+255+230+210N/A
6Ties Reduce+805+745+710+610+550+460+380+345+300+275
Ties Win+775+730+660+580+505+420+360+320+285N/A
7Ties Reduce+1200+1100+1050+890+800+650+530+475+405+370
Ties Win+1150+1075+970+845+725+590+500+440+285N/A
8Ties Reduce+1775+1625+1550+1275+1100+900+725+640+540+490
Ties Win+1700+1590+1415+1235+1000+810+680+595+515N/A
9Ties Reduce+2600+2400+2250+1825+1550+1250+975+875+715+650
Ties Win+2500+2325+2050+1685+1400+1100+925+795+680N/A
10Ties Reduce+3800+3500+3300+2600+2150+1725+1325+1175+935+850
Ties Win+3650+3400+2950+2375+1925+1525+1250+1050+890N/A
11Ties Reduce+5600+5100+4800+3700+2950+2350+1775+1550+1225+1100
Ties Win+5400+4950+4250+3300+2650+1950+1650+1375+1150N/A
12Ties Reduce+8200+7400+7000+5200+4050+3200+2400+2050+1600+1425
Ties Win+7800+7200+6100+4600+3600+2800+2225+1825+1500N/A
13Ties Reduce120 to 1107 to 1101 to 1+7400+5600+4300+3200+2700+2100+1825
Ties Win114 to 1105 to 1+8800+6500+4900+3750+2950+2400+1950N/A
14Ties Reduce177 to 1157 to 1145 to 1105 to 1+7600+5900+4300+3550+2750+2350
Ties Win164 to 1151 to 1125 to 1+9000+6700+5100+3900+3150+2550N/A
15Ties Reduce260 to 1230 to 1210 to 1150 to 1110 to 1+8000+5800+4700+3600+3000
Ties Win245 to 1220 to 1180 to 1130 to 1+9500+6900+5100+4050+3300N/A

Teasers Part 2

# ofTeamsTeasers
NFL Sides1010½1111½1212½1313½1414½1515½1616½19
All Other Football1010½1111½1212½1313½1414½1515½1616½1720
All Basketball7891010½1111½1212½1313½1416
2Ties Lose-210-230-250-270-300-350-410-470-540-620-700-825-975-1125-1300-3000
Ties Reduce-220-240-260-285-325-380-440-500-580-660-750-900-1050-1200-1400-3500
3Ties Lose-110-120-135-155-175-200-235-275-315-375-445-525-600-715-825-1600
Ties Reduce-115-128-145-165-185-215-255-295-345-410-485-565-660-770-900-1800
4Ties Lose+136+128+120+110+100+100-120-140-160-210-300-350-400-490-575-900
Ties Reduce+132+124+115+105-105-115-130-150-180-250-325-375-445-535-625-1050
5Ties Lose+195+180+165+155+140+125+115-105-120-160-200-250-290-360-425-600
Ties Reduce+187+172+160+147+132+120+105-112-140-180-225-270-325-395-465-700
6Ties Lose+265+245+225+205+185+165+150+125+105-125-150-190-220-275-325-450
Ties Reduce+255_+235+215+195+175+157+135+115-110-140-170-205-250-300-360-525
7Ties Lose+355+325+295+265+240+215+195+160+130-100-120-150-175-215-250-375
Ties Reduce+340+310+280+250+225+205+175+145+115-110-135-165-195-235-280-425
8Ties Lose+465+425+385+345+305+270+240+200+160+130+105-125-145-175-200-320
Ties Reduce+445+405+365+325+285+255+220+180+145+115-110-135-160-190-225-360
9Ties Lose+610+550+490+435+385+340+300+245+195+155+125-105-125-150-170-280
Ties Reduce+580+520+460+410+360+320+270+220+175+140+110-115-140-160-185-310
10Ties Lose+800+710+630+550+480+425+375+300+230+190+150+120-105-125-145-240
Ties Reduce+755+675+590+515+450+400+335+265+210+170+135+105-115-135-160-265
11Ties Lose+1025+915+815+705+595+525+460+365+275+225+175+140+110-110-125-210
Ties Reduce+970+860+760+650+560+490+410+320+250+200+155+125+100-120-140-230
12Ties Lose+1325+1175+1050+890+740+650+560+440+330+265+205+165+125+105-110-180
Ties Reduce+1250+1100+970+815+695+605+500+385+295+235+185+145+115+-105-120-200
13Ties Lose+1700+1500+1325+1100+910+790+680+540+400+320+240+190+145+125+105-160
Ties Reduce+1600+1400+1225+1000+850+735+610+470+360+280+215+165+135+115-105-175
14Ties Lose+2200+1900+1675+1375+1125+975+825+650+480+380+280+220+165+140+120-140
Ties Reduce+2050+1775+1525+1250+1050+900+735+565+430+330+250+190+150+130+115-155
15Ties Lose+2850+2450+2100+1750+1400+1200+1000+775+575+445+325+255+185+155+135-120
Ties Reduce+2650+2250+1925+1575+1300+1100+875+675+510+385+290+220+170+145+130-135

A Look At What You Got At 5Dimes And Now At BetAnySPorts

Do you want over 1,000 wagering options every day? Of course you do. 5Dimes Sportsbook is proud to provide exactly that. You aren’t going to find a sportsbook in the business that posts as many odds as 5Dimes. You just won’t. Don’t believe us? Don’t want to take our word for it? Then you should sign up for 5Dimes and see what they are all about.

Even if you really like another sportsbook or two, you are doing yourself a disservice not to have an account with 5Dimes. There are a lot of benefits and perks to being posted up at 5D, but one benefit stands out above the rest and may be the single most beneficial attribute of any top-rated sportsbook in the industry.

We’ll get to that in a minute. But first, let’s talk about why 5Dimes Sportsbook is one of the best in the online sports betting world.


5Dimes Sportsbook is the gold standard. In fact, that is the first line of their about us page, but it is true. Established in 1996 in San Jose, Costa Rica, 5Dimes has been catering to high rollers, weekend warriors, and grinders for almost 25 years. It doesn’t matter if you bet five dimes on a game or five bucks on a game. You will be treated with respect. Every player is at 5Dimes.

Customer service is at the top of the list for 5Dimes. Customer service is available 24 hours a day. Transactions are as pain-free as they can get. Deposits go smoothly and withdrawals are processed quickly and efficiently. You won’t be waiting around wondering where your money is. It will be there when it is supposed to be.

5Dimes also employs state of the art encryption technology to make sure that your personal information is safe and secure. It is all about the experience in the online sports betting industry and no experience is worse than one in which a user doesn’t feel safe. That is why 5Dimes goes above and beyond.


There are a lot of reasons why 5Dimes should be one of the sportsbooks that you frequent. For starters, 5Dimes is often first to market with odds for things like auto racing, UFC, golf, tennis, and some of the less traditional betting markets. A book willing to take on that kind of exposure is a book that takes things seriously.

To that point, you will often find the best futures betting odds at 5Dimes and also the largest selections of teams. No book has as many options to win the NCAA Tournament or College Football Playoff National Championship. That extends to player props as well, where 5Dimes has a much larger prop betting catalog than your average book. Traditional sides and totals are getting harder and harder to beat, but the additional betting options at 5Dimes are going to improve your bottom line.

Remember that 5Dimes offers over 1,000 wagering options on a daily basis and that doesn’t just include sports. That includes Politics or Entertainment betting odds. And, of course, that includes all of the live betting opportunities that are out there. Live betting is the new frontier of the sports betting industry and few sites do it as well as 5Dimes.


It isn’t all about sports at 5Dimes. If you are here, you are looking for a top-rated sportsbook, but 5Dimes has other features that you didn’t think you need until you give them a try. There is a live casino. There are live dealer card games. There are bingo games and lotteries. 5Dimes has its own online poker room. There is also a Racebook and a “Mini Games” section that mobile-friendly card games like blackjack, video poker, baccarat, solitaire, roulette, and a whole lot more.

These online gambling sites aren’t just about sportsbooks anymore. They are about providing the entire gaming experience. 5Dimes has always been about that experience and pairs it with tremendous customer service to be one of the best.


Ah, yes. The reason why you absolutely have to sign up at 5Dimes. The reduced juice option is the best “bonus” offer in the business. When you sign up for an account at 5Dimes, you can decide to take the bonus money offer or you can have a lifetime of reduced juice.

Betting isn’t easy. At the standard -110 vigorish, or “juice”, you have to be right 52.38% of the time to break even. At 5Dimes, you can cut that juice down to -105 on standard straight bets for sides and totals. At -105, your break-even percentage is 51.22%. It may not seem like much, but over thousands of bets, it can tremendously improve your bottom line.

5Dimes also has dime lines on Major League Baseball and really pays close attention to provide some of the fairest odds in the business. A lot of books will post +120 and -140 on baseball, but not 5Dimes. With dime lines, the odds would look more like +125 and -135. Again, that helps your bottom line as a bettor. Just ask anybody in the business and they will tell you why that matters so much.


Over 1,000 wagering options per day. Everything you could want in an online sportsbook and more. And, of course, reduced juice. You definitely cannot go wrong at 5Dimes and this is a book that you absolutely must have at your disposal if you want to be able to shop around for the best lines and the best return on your investment.