NHL Spot Plays 11/14/2018

Last Updated: 2018-11-14

nhl picksA 1-1-1 night on the ice Tuesday and now just four games on the Wednesday schedule with a couple of decent games out there.

St. Louis at Chicago: Chicago opened -119 here and the line has held pretty steady, dropping a couple of cents to Blackhawks -115 with 63% of the early wagers coming in on Chicago. The Blues are 4-4 after a loss and 4-4 in totals, while the Blackhawks have posted a 3-8 record after a loss and have gone 5-6 in totals. The total on this one hasn’t shown a lot of movement, opening at 6 and shifting slightly to 6-under (-115) with 63% of the wagers coming in on the over.

Washington at Winnipeg: Solid game here, where there is currently no line due to the Capitals playing Tuesday. I’d expect the Jets to be in the neighborhood of -155, as the Capitals have been pretty poor after a victory, going just 1-6 and 3-4 in totals. But the Jets haven’t been a whole lot better after a win, owning a 3-6 record and are 3-2 in totals.

Boston at Colorado: Another decent game here, the Bruins opened -119 and now the game is -110 both directions even though the Bruins have received the majority of the wagers in this one. Boston is 5-4 after a win and 4-5 in totals, while Colorado has gone 3-4 after a win and 2-5 in totals. The total opened at 6-flat and has shifted a little bit ot 6-under (-125) even though we’re seeing more than 60% of the early wagers coming in on the over.

Anaheim at Las Vegas: Just when you think the Knights are starting to figure things out, they turn around and have a couple of bad games and Las Vegas is bringing a 7-10-1 record into this one. The Ducks are 8-8-3 coming into this one, so a disappointing start to the season for both teams. The Knights opened -160 and have been bet up to -170 with nearly 65% of the early wagers in this one. The Ducks are 3-4 after a win, while Vegas has gone 5-5 after a loss. Anaheim is just 1-6 after a victory this season, while Vegas is 4-6 after a loss, so will go ahead and take the under 5.5 (-130) in this one.

Season: 15-15-2 -1.62


We got a snoozefest in New York last night, which was just what we were hoping for and now will be looking for the exact opposite tonight, as we catch a number of teams with favorable over trends.

Pittsburgh at New Jersey: Pittsburgh opened -120 in this one and although the Pens have received slightly more than 75% of the wagers so far, the line is still holding steady. The total opened at 6 and is now 6-over (-115) with 54% of the wagers coming in on the over. The Penguins come into this one off a victory and are 3-3 following a win and 4-1-1 in totals, where they average 4.5 goals per game, while allowing 3.5 goals. The Devils come into this one off a loss and have posted a 5-2-1 totals mark after a defeat. It’s not due to their scoring, but rather poor defense, as they’ve allowed 3.8 goals per game, so will go ahead and tab the over in this one.

Arizona at Detroit: The total in this one opened at 6 and is now 5.5-over (-115) with a little more than 50% of the wagers on the under. The Coyotes have been a bit of a different team after a win, going 4-3 and 5-3 in totals, where they’ve scored 3.6 goals per game, while the Wings are 4-2 after a win and have also gone 4-2 in totals, scoring 3.3 goals per game, while allowing 3.0. Not what you’d expect to see out of these two teams, who have reputations for being low-scoring teams, so will grab the over in this one, as well.

Tampa Bay at Buffalo: We’ll wrap up our trifecta of over wagers with this one between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Buffalo Sabres. The total here opened at 6-flat and was bet up slightly to 6-over (-115) with 59% of the early wagers coming in on the over. Tampa Bay has posted a 4-0 record after a loss, while going 3-1 in totals in large part due to an offense that has scored 6.5 goals, netting eight goals twice, six goals one time and scoring four times in the other game. The Lightning have allowed 2.25 goals per game in those four games. The Sabres are 6-2 in totals after a win, allowing 3.5 goals per game and being a bit hit or miss on offense, scoring four goals in five of the eight games and just once per game in the other three, so will be on the over in this one as well.

Season: 14-14-1 -1.47


Kind of a strange day yesterday, and ended up 3-3-1 when all was said and done, although the NHL was responsible for one of those losses, as we couldn’t get the empty net goal in the Blues’ game and took the half-goal loss.

Just four games on today’s schedule and a couple of decent games, although nothing really sticks out as something you really want to watch.

Vancouver at NY Rangers: The Rangers opened -133 and the line has dropped slight with the Canucks getting two-thirds of the early wagers, while the total has shifted from 6-lat to 6-under (-115). Vancouver comes into this one off a 4-3 loss to the Buffalo Sabres and they’ve done a decent job rebounding from a loss, going 5-2 and 3-4 in totals. The Rangers came away with an overtime win in Columbus and are 3-4 and 2-5 in totals following a victory. The Canucks’ record after a loss is noteworthy, but with both teams trending to the under in their respective situations, will take the under 6 in this one.

Chicago at Carolina: The Hurricanes opened -155 and have been bet up to -165, although it’s a bit tough to lay that type of price with a team that is on a 1-6 run, although that one victory did come against Chicago a few days ago when the Hurricanes took a 4-3 decision. The ‘Hawks are mired in an 0-7 skid and are 3-7 after a loss, with most of those coming recently. The ‘Canes aren’t a whole lot better after a loss, going 3-6 and 2-7 in totals, while Chicago is 5-5 in totals after a loss.

Columbus at Dallas: Probably the best game of the day, the Blue Jackets opened -115 and now the Stars are -115 and getting 70% of the wagers in the game. Columbus is 5-2 and 3-4 in totals after a loss, while the Stars have gone 4-3 and 4-3 in totals after losing. The total has moved from 6 to 6-under (-125) with nearly 60% of the early wagers on the under.

Nashville at Anaheim: The Predators opened -160 and they have more to -175 with three-quarters of the early wagers landing on the road team. The total has moved from 5.5 to 5.5-under (-115) even though we’re seeing a few more over wagers than unders in the early morning. Nashville has won five in a row and are 9-3 after a win, while going 6-5-1 in totals, which is a lower over percentage than they had last year after a victory. The Ducks are just 3-7 after a loss, with their recent skid responsible for most of those losses and they’re 4-6 in totals.

Season: 13-14-1 -2.47


Two Boston goals in the final six minutes left us with a push on Saturday and a fairly small slate of games is on the horizon for Sunday. A couple of decent games, but nothing to get too terribly excited about.

Minnesota at St. Louis: The Blues opened -118 and are now -115 while the total has shifted slightly to 5.5-over (-125) after opening at 5.5-flat with 53% of the wagers coming in on the over. The Wild have gone 6-3 after a win, as well as 6-3 in totals, while the Blues are 2-3 after a win and 4-1 in totals, so will follow the money in this one and take the over 5.5.

Arizona at Washington: The Caps are -230 here with a total of 6-under (-115) in a game that was posted a little late. The Coyotes are just 1-6 in totals after a loss, but the Caps are 5-1-1 after a loss, so definite conflicting trends here.

Ottawa at Florida: This one came out late and the Panthers are -260 with a total of 6.5-over. Games with a total of 6.5 have gone 9-15 so far this season, so we’re not seeing the goals when they’re expected, but the Senators are 4-2 in totals after a win, primarily because they allow 4.7 goals. The Panthers are 1-2-1 after a victory.

New Jersey at Winnipeg: The Jets are -183 with a total of 6-under (-115) as both teams stink in today’s situation, with the Devils going 2-5 after a loss and the Jets are 2-6 after a victory.

Las Vegas at Boston: The Bruins opened -185 with a total of 5.5-over and the Knights are still officially “undecided” about their starting goalie. The Knights are 5-4 after a loss and 4-5 in totals, while the Bruins are 4-4 after a win and 4-4 in totals.

Calgary at San Jose: The Sharks are -175 in this one, as both teams are decent in today’s situations, with the Flames being 5-4, 5-4 in totals, while the Sharks are 5-3, 4-4 in totals after a loss. The betting on this one has been pretty even, with the Flames holding a slim 52% advantage in the early morning hours.

Colorado at Edmonton: The Avalanche are 3-5 after a loss, but 6-2 in totals, although the Oilers are 3-4 but juast 2-5 in totals after a loss, so another game with some mixed trends.

Season: 13-13-1 -1.22























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