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WNBA Preview 9/7/2018

A daily look at the best sides and totals plays in the WNBA.

by Allen Moody

2019 WNBA Championship Odds

As expected, the trade between Dallas and Las Vegas for Liz Cambage has the Aces listed as the team to beat, while there are several others pretty close.

2018 WNBA Semifinal Series Preview & Predictions

The WNBA semifinals begin Sunday afternoon with both best-of-5 series begining at the two higher seeded teams. There are odds on both series, as well as odds on winning the title, so we'll look at those here and then look at the Game 1s in our regular WNBA daily article.

WNBA Playoff Betting Trends

We'll start with the basics and see the oddsmakers have done a pretty good job, as home teams are 59-61-5 against the spread and totals are 62-61-2. Long-term, there isn't the downward trend in scoring that we frequently see in the NBA, as 157.1 points were scored on average during the regular season and 156.7 in the playoffs

2018 WNBA Betting Trends at the All-Star Break

The WNBA will return to action on Tuesday, so we'll take a look at some of the trends that have developed so far this season, beginning with one of the best, which is a bit of a continuation from last season.

2018 WNBA Betting Trend Update

Two months of the 2018 WNBA season are in the books, so it's time to take a look at the trends that have developed so far in hopes that it will point us towards a couple of winning plays in the future.

WNBA Preview 5/27/2018

A trio of games in the WNBA today, with a few decent matchups, including the home openers for Las Angeles and Las Vegas.

WNBA Preview 5/26/2018

A pair of games in the WNBA for Saturday night, as most books are just now getting to posting odds on the games. Neither game looks to terribly exciting, although the slate for Sunday looks a little bit better.

WNBA Preview 5/25/2018

Just two games in the WNBA for Friday night, although they both have the potential to be decent contests, so we'll get right to it.

WNBA Preview 5/24/2018

I was going to wait for a few more WNBA games to get into the books before getting into it, but figure might as well get going and keep going, as the power ratings are self-correcting and will just keep tabs on teams who are missing players and how that has an impact on their numbers.