We have made it through four weeks of the NFL season, and there are a few teams that have already established themselves as contenders to win the Super Bowl. While most people tend to focus on the best teams in the league, there are also those teams that are clearly at the bottom.

This is about the point of the year in which some fanbases start to look ahead at the upcoming NFL Draft, and there is a big prize available in 2024. USC quarterback Caleb Williams is a generational talent at the quarterback position, and he is likely to be the number 1 overall pick.

Williams has odds set at +150 to win the Heisman Trophy this season as he just continues to put up ridiculous offensive numbers. There are some other contenders in that race, but NFL teams want the big prize, and that’s Williams.

With that in mind, some teams might start to tank a bit as they try to put themselves in a position to land Williams in 2024. Tanking is always a concern, but there are three teams in the NFL that aren’t even going to have to tank if they want to finish with the worst record.

Here is a look at the three worst teams in the NFL after four weeks of the season.

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Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are playing the start of the 2023 season without quarterback Kyler Murray, and that has really hurt this team on offense. Arizona has actually already picked up a shocking win over the Dallas Cowboys, but Dallas played pretty poorly in that game.

The Cardinals were expected to tank this season in an attempt to acquire more talent for the future, and you shouldn’t expect to see this team win many games this season. That one win over the Cowboys might actually come back to haunt them later on this season, though, as there are two other teams that will be struggling to win at all.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers believe that they are set up for the future, with rookie quarterback Bryce Young set to lead the way. Young has struggled through four games this season, but he has also shown that he has the tools to be successful in this league.

Carolina actually started the process of tanking last season in order to get Young, but they traded away a ton of other talent along the way. Now the Panthers are searching for answers on both sides of the ball, and life in the NFC South isn’t going to be too kind for them.

One big problem for the Panthers is the fact that they owe the Chicago Bears a first-round pick in 2024, and that pick could actually be the number one overall selection.

Chicago Bears

It’s hard to put into words just how terrible this start has been for the Chicago Bears through the first four weeks of the 2023 season. Chicago has dropped each of their first four games, and they just blew a 21-point lead to the Denver Broncos at home on Sunday.

Quarterback Justin Fields was sharp in the Week 4 loss, but he was really struggling up to that point. Fields has always had the ability to run with the football, but at some point, he has to learn how to throw it.

There have been a number of other distractions surrounding this team so far in 2023, and it’s been a complete mess. Bears fans are extremely loyal to the team, but many are now hoping for a total free fall in an attempt to land Caleb Williams and another star.

The Bears are currently in a great spot when looking at the standings, as they could be in a position to have the top two picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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