The NBA regular season is extremely long at 82 games, and the action tends to get pretty stale in the middle of the year. The league has looked at many different options as a way to make things more exciting, and it has decided that having an in-season tournament is the best way to get that done.

This is going to be the first year of this new tournament, and there are plenty of questions that exist when it comes to the format. While it’s unclear if this will actually add some excitement, it is clear that it will add another betting option.

Here is a look at some of those betting odds and one strategy that you should use for this unique market.

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The Clear Betting Odds Favorites

Since sportsbooks such as BetOnline don’t really know how this event is going to play out, the odds tend to mirror what you see when it comes to betting on the NBA Championship.

The top betting favorites to win the NBA title are also going to be favored to win the in-season tournament, but that might not actually happen.

Here are the favorites to win the first-ever NBA in-season tournament:

  • Milwaukee Bucks +750
  • Boston Celtics +850
  • Denver Nuggets +1200
  • Los Angeles Lakers +1200
  • Phoenix Suns +1200

Those five teams are all going to be loaded with talent this season, and it makes sense that they are favored to win anything and everything. Teams might not worry about winning the in-season tournament, though, and some of these teams might use this as a chance to take a break and relax.

The one nice thing about betting on a team from this group of favorites is that you are going to get pretty good value in backing these teams.

Contenders to Watch

The NBA is a league with a ton of parity, and that means that everything tends to be extremely competitive. That should be the case with the in-season tournament as well, and you want to look at all of the teams for this event.

While every team is technically going to have a chance to win this title, there are some contenders that seem more legit than others. Here is a look at those teams that should be having a chance at winning this tournament.

The Sacramento Kings at +1600 are one of the first teams to watch in this event, as they are young and hungry to win a title. That can also be said for the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder at +2000.

Since this is the first time that this event is going to take place, you are going to want to think outside the box with this wager. You can even go deeper into the odds if you would like, as that will make your potential payout even larger.

Underdogs Looking to Upset the Betting Odds

You might want to stay away from betting on the in-season NBA Tournament altogether, but that removes a chance to win some money on the NBA. Go ahead and make this bet, but don’t just solely focus on the betting favorites.

A team like the Sacramento Kings is going to be one to watch this season, and they have a lot to gain by playing well in this event. Sacramento has the ability to catch fire in a hurry, and that always makes them dangerous.

The best betting strategy to use with the NBA in-season tournament is to target a team that has odds of +1600 or higher.

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