A lot of times you hear about a contest and the deadline is right on top of you. But now we have come across something that you can take part in virtually all season long in the NFL.

This is one of the most enticing contests BetOnline Sportsbook has, and it’s that way because it offers a real challenge to your handicapping abilities.

You see, this is not about picking the straight-up winners of football games. You’re going to have to be very pointspread “wise” if you are going to compete for the big money.

The $100,000 Perfect Parlay contest is offered every week, all the way through Week 17, opening up every Wednesday and closing on Sunday (12:55 PM ET).

Your mission – if you decide to accept it – is to predict a winner of all 16 games in the NFL that week. If you can do that, you will win the $100,000 prize.

Take note of a couple of things here.

One is that, as we mentioned, this is not about picking outright winners, although doing that 16 out of 16 is difficult enough. This IS an endeavor where the objective to win against the pointspread, or alternatively, selecting the winner on the posted total (over-under). That obviously brings a different dynamic into play.

And you will not catch a break if a game is a “push,’ nor if it is canceled, because those are counted as a loss.

This contest is free to be involved in. However, there is a minor requirement that you have at least $50 in real money bets placed in the sportsbook over the previous seven days. Otherwise you will not qualify for the prize.

Okay, so let’s say that you have accomplished what you had to do – you make a correct selection on all 16 games in a given week. If are qualified and want to collect, it’s up to you to take your winning combination and notify the folks at BetOnline about it.

To do that, just send an email to contestwinner@betonline.ag no later than 48 hours after the end of the Monday night game and put “Perfect Parlay Winner” in the subject line. Make sure you give them your username as well. Also make sure that you follow all these steps, otherwise your potential prize could be forfeited.

And keep in mind that you may have company. It’s not likely that there would be more than one winner in any given week, but it is possible. In such an event, you would be splitting up the prize with whoever else wins.

And no, this doesn’t work like the lottery or the Pick 6; there is no carryover from week to week if there are no winners.

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