The Chicago Bears are set to take on the Washington Commanders in Week 5 of the NFL season, and that is going to be another loss. Chicago is going to become the first team in the league to get to a 0-5 record, and that puts them in a position to have the clear lead when it comes to the tanking race.

Tanking in the NFL isn’t quite as bad as it is in other sports, but you are going to see that changing a bit this season. There are two terrific quarterbacks at the top of the draft class in 2024, and teams will want to get involved.

The Bears actually have a couple of different paths to the top overall pick in 2024, as they also control the Carolina Panthers’ first round pick. Carolina is also 0-4 this season, and things are looking good for the Bears when it comes to this market.

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Betting Odds For The Worst Record

There are a number of great futures betting markets available when it comes to the NFL, and not all of them focus on good things. You can actually make a bet on which team will have the worst record in the NFL this season, and it’s no surprise as to which team is the betting favorite.

The Chicago Bears are favored at +150 at BetDSI to have the worst record in the league, and they are clearly ahead of the pack at this time. Carolina is next on the list at +200, and again, that would be a big win for the Bears either way.

Things really start to space out after the odds for the top two teams, but things can change quickly in this league. The Arizona Cardinals are next on the list at +500, but that team has already picked up a big win this year.

Here are some of the other odds to look at if you are going to make a bet on the team with the worst record:

  • New York Jets +1000
  • Houston Texans +1200
  • Las Vegas Raiders +1200
  • Denver Broncos +1400

Can The Bears Upset the Odds and Make History?

Tanking and finishing the regular season with the worst overall record only guarantees a team one player, and that doesn’t mean that fortunes will turn around in a hurry. The Bears already have a young quarterback in place, but they could use the top overall pick in 2024 to land Caleb Williams.

As mentioned above, there is actually a chance that the Bears will have the first and second overall picks in the NFL Draft, and that would be a huge win. That has been done a couple of other times throughout the history of the league, but there was a much smaller field of teams.

You can also bet on whether or not the Bears will have the top two picks in the NFL Draft this season, and the odds for this are all over the place. If you believe that the Bears will strike it rich this year, then you can get them at +700 at BetDSI to have the number one and two picks.

Obviously, this is something that doesn’t happen often, and the odds at -2000 suggest that the Bears aren’t going to get that done this year as well. There is still a long season to go, but the Bears look like a team that is going to struggle in a big way.