The Milwaukee Bucks made the biggest splash this offseason when they acquired Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers in a blockbuster trade. Lillard is now paired with Giannis Antetokounmpo, and that is a duo that many in the NBA are going to fear.

When the trade went down, the odds for the Bucks to win the NBA Championship improved, and now is the time to make that type of wager. Milwaukee is currently sitting at +400 at BetOnline to win the NBA Championship, and that now makes them the favorites to win it all.

The Bucks have won a title recently, and they have also been in contention to win another one in recent years as well. They were facing the potential of Antetokounmpo leaving the franchise, and they wanted to make a big move to ensure that he stays with the team.

Milwaukee did trade away Jrue Holiday in this trade, and that is something that is going to come back and bite them in the future. Holiday was a huge piece to this team, and losing him is one of the reasons that they just won’t be able to get the job done.

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Celtics Looking to Upset the Odds

While most people have focused on the Milwaukee Bucks in this trade, the Boston Celtics might have actually won it. That’s because Boston was able to strike just a little bit later on and grab Jrue Holiday from the Trail Blazers.

Boston now has four potential All-Stars in their starting lineup, and they are going to be a nightmare for opposing teams to deal with. Milwaukee getting Lillard should help the Bucks score points, but the Celtics have four players that can score at that level.

The Celtics currently have the next best betting odds to win the title at +425, and they are going to make another deep postseason run. Boston has come up just short a couple of times recently, but adding Holiday to the mix could be something that allows them to get over the hump.

Western Conference is Loaded

Both the Bucks and Celtics are members of the Eastern Conference, and those teams will likely meet up at some point. The winner of the Eastern Conference is also going to have to deal with the Western Conference champ in the NBA Finals, and there are some great teams over there.

The Denver Nuggets just won the most recent championship, and they are going to enter this season with odds at +550 at BetOnline. Those are the same odds that you are going to see for the Phoenix Suns, and that’s another team that should be great this season.

While the Eastern Conference appears to be slightly better at the top, there is more depth in the Western Conference.

Champ Comes From the West

Getting Damian Lillard was a huge move by the Milwaukee Bucks, but it’s not a move that is going to guarantee them a championship. Lillard has been one of the best scorers in the league throughout his career, but he’s not a player that has had any real success in the postseason.

Teams in the Eastern Conference are currently in an arms race to try and put themselves in a position to win a title. That is extremely commendable by the front office of each team, but at some point, it’s going to come down to the players on the floor.

Expect the 2023-24 NBA Champion to come out of the Western Conference this season, as there are just too many great teams in the conference. Those teams haven’t needed to load up this summer with new talent as they were already established and ready to make a big move.