We are just one week away from the start of the 2023-24 NFL season, and teams throughout the league are making final preparations for Week 1. There were some quarterback battles taking place in the preseason, but we now know who will be starting for each team.

Quarterbacks will start to feel the pressure right away with the season opener, and that’s also going to be true for the head coaches. Rookie quarterbacks have to perform right away to keep their jobs as well, although some teams will give rookies a longer leash.

It’s time to start thinking about those who will fold under pressure, and here are three unique ways to bet on that sort of action.

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First Head Coach Fired

NFL general managers and owners don’t usually wait around long to get rid of a coach, especially teams that believe they have a chance to be a contender. There is usually at least one coach fired before the first half of the season is over, but there could be multiple as well.

There is a ton of parity in the NFL outside of the top three or four teams, and that means that more franchises believe that they can get into the Super Bowl mix. Certain head coaches are going to enter the season with a short rope, while others could get fired out of nowhere.

The top five coaches to be fired first, according to the odds, are:

  • Ron Rivera +500
  • Josh McDaniels +600
  • Mike McCarthy +600
  • Todd Bowles +600
  • Dennis Allen +850

Ron Rivera looks like the easiest choice on the list, as he is the head coach of a Washington team that just got a new owner. There aren’t a ton of expectations in Washington, though, and that should keep him safe.

The pick to make here is Mike McCarthy, as his rope continues to get smaller in Dallas. If the Cowboys get off to a slow start, then it will be McCarthy that pays the price.

First Quarterback Benched

If you are going to bet on the first quarterback benched, then you will need to get those bets in early. There could be a starting quarterback taken out of a game in Week 1, as coaches don’t like to wait around at all to make a change.

Here are the odds that you are going to see when you look to make this bet:

  • Baker Mayfield +200
  • Sam Howell +400
  • Ryan Tannehill +600
  • CJ Stroud +700
  • Mac Jones +900

Baker Mayfield and Sam Howell are going to be on a short leash with their respective teams, but they should at least last a few games. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Commanders don’t have high expectations, and there is no reason to bail on a quarterback.

The situation you should be focusing on is in Tennessee, as the Titans simply have to get good quarterback play to balance out with Derrick Henry. Ryan Tannehill is going to start the season under center, but Tennessee also has Will Levis ready to go.

It’s going to be a short run for Tannehill as he is the first QB that gets benched as the Titans give their young rookie a shot.

Rookie QB to Make Most Starts

This is a betting option that is really going to come down to just three options, and there are plenty of factors at play here. Injuries can always impact a bet on the NFL, but you also have to predict which rookie QB will be able to play well enough to stay on the field.

The odds for this bet look like this:

  • Bryce Young +125
  • Anthony Richardson +150
  • CJ Stroud +175

Richardson is going to get hurt with all of his rushing attempts, which then leads you to compare Young and Stroud. This is really a toss-up, but going with Stroud at +175 gives you the best value for this bet.

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