The 2023-24 NHL season is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to start to get your future wagers in. There are so many different ways to make a futures bet on the NHL, but the first goal of every team is to find a way into the playoffs.

You are going to find “To make the playoffs” betting odds for every team in the league, but there are some wagers that just won’t make any sense at all. Some teams feel like an absolute lock to reach the playoffs, and that is exactly how their season will play out as well.

It’s all about looking for value when checking out the betting odds at BetOnline, and you should be able to find some good bets to make. Here is a look at three of those bets that you are going to want to focus on.

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Chicago Blackhawks To Make Playoffs (+800)

It’s only been a handful of years since the Chicago Blackhawks had a dynasty in the NHL, but this team hasn’t been able to win a playoff game since 2015. The Blackhawks have spent the last few years trying to make some big changes, and they went through the most successful tanking campaign in professional sports history.

Chicago won the number 1 overall draft pick in the 2023 NHL Draft and went with superstar Connor Bedard with that selection. Bedard is predicted to be one of the best players in the league, and that’s going to happen right away.

This is still a team with a ton of holes and question marks, but Bedard is going to be able to score goals at this level right away. Chicago competes in a weak Central Division, and there is an opportunity to steal some points at random times.

All Bedard knows is how to win games, and he is going to lead the Blackhawks to the postseason with odds of +800.

Los Angeles Kings to Miss the Playoffs (+275)

The Los Angeles Kings have always been right on the cusp of the postseason every single year, but they typically find a way to get in. There just hasn’t been a big margin for error with this team, and that provides you a chance to cash in by betting on the line with more value.

The Pacific Division just continues to get better around the Kings, and there are a few teams in that division that are going to be a nightmare to deal with. Los Angeles shouldn’t have a ton of trouble beating up on some other teams in the league, but the Kings always have trouble scoring goals.

Taking the Kings to miss the playoffs at +275 is a smart bet to make, as that is what will happen in 2023-24.

Washington Capitals To Make the Playoffs (+240)

When looking at the playoff odds for every team in the league, you are going to see some that just don’t seem to make sense right away. That’s the case when looking at these odds for the Washington Capitals, but a quick look at the roster does seem to verify the odds.

Washington is a team that is getting older at nearly every single position, and other teams around them have simply caught up. While that might be the case, the Capitals are still going to be in the mix when everything is said and done.

This is the perfect example of when you find some value in the odds that you need to take a shot and cash in. Things would have to go right for Washington to make the playoffs in 2023-24, but getting them at +240 to make that happen is a great deal.

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