The Colorado Buffaloes were once a proud football program that always seemed to be in the mix to win a Big 12 Championship, but that hasn’t been the case of late. Colorado is currently a member of the Pac-12 Conference, and you could usually pencil them in for a last-place spot each year.

A lot has changed in 2023, and it’s all because Colorado decided to hire Deion Sanders to lead the program moving forward. Coach Prime came into Boulder and cleaned house in terms of the roster, but he also changed the mindset of the program.

Colorado heads into Week 4 of the college football season inside of the top 25, and they are also a team that nearly everyone is talking about. The Buffaloes have gotten off to a 3-0 start, but it’s time to slow down and look at what is about to happen for this team.

Coach Prime and the Colorado team have brought some life back into college football, but things are going to be changing in a big way. There are still a ton of different ways to bet on this team moving forward, especially at BetOnline.

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Playoff Odds

After getting off to a 3-0 start, naturally, people are starting to wonder if Colorado will be able to sneak into the College Football Playoff at the end of the season. Fans in Boulder might be dreaming big at this time, but the betting odds are a pretty big reminder of just how far this team has to go.

If you want to bet on the Colorado Buffaloes to make the CFP in 2023, you are going to see odds set at +1600. That’s obviously a bet that would lead to a ton of value, but those odds suggest that they are still a huge underdog to even sniff the playoffs.

The first step is being ranked when the CFP polls come out and then staying in those rankings until the end of the year. You are going to see some good betting odds for that at BetOnline as well, and here are the options to choose from:

  • Not ranked -300
  • 16th to 25th Positions +400
  • 11th to 15th Positions +800
  • 6th to 10th Positions +1600
  • 2nd to 5th Positions +3300
  • 1st Position +10000

The odds make it clear that the overwhelming favorite is currently the Buffaloes missing out on the postseason entirely, and that would devastate fans of this program. Landing somewhere between 16-25 does seem like a decent possibility for this team, and you can get good value in those odds at +400.

Sanders Family Odds

Even though the entire Colorado football program has gone through a massive turnaround, it’s been Deion Sanders and Son Shedeur that are getting the most attention. Deion has repeatedly said that he has no intentions to leave Colorado, but you can actually bet on where he might end up in 2024.

Here are the three betting options for where Deion Sanders could be coaching during the first game of 2024:

  • Colorado -500
  • Other NCAA Team +500
  • NFL Team +550

Colorado will do everything in its power to keep Coach Prime, but the Buffaloes could be without stud quarterback Shedeur Sanders soon. The younger Sanders has put up some huge numbers this season, and he will eventually be playing on Sundays in the NFL.

Some have suggested that Sanders could be a finalist for the Heisman Trophy this season, and some actually believe he can win it. Those odds are currently set at +300 for him to just be a finalist while taking the “no” option is set at -500.

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