The drama surrounding the Indianapolis Colts and running back Jonathan Taylor has been a huge distraction this offseason, and that story took another turn this week. Taylor recently left training camp yet again, but this time it was an excused absence due to a personal matter.

Taylor has been a regular holdout so far this offseason, as he is in the middle of a contract dispute with the team. Both sides have taken shots at each other in the media, and you could describe this situation as extremely messy.

The star running back had ankle surgery back in January, and his previous absence was also tied to seeking additional treatment. Taylor has requested a trade from the Colts, but it’s a request that the team has continued to ignore.

Even though the Colts have considered this an excused absence, there is still no timetable for Taylor to return to the field. Taylor has been one of the best running backs in the NFL over the last few seasons, but this is a position that has been underpaid for years.

The Colts still have Taylor on the physically unable to perform list, and they are taking money away from the 2021 rushing leader. This is a story that isn’t going to go away anytime soon, and it’s going to impact the betting odds for the Colts this season.

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Colts Expected to Struggle

Looking at betting odds isn’t the only way to handicap a season for an NFL team, but it’s a good place to start. The over/under for regular season wins for the Indianapolis Colts is set at just 6.5, and that suggests that this team won’t be sniffing the postseason.

There are some teams that have odds that are different for either side of an over/under bet, but that’s not the case with the Colts. You will see odds at -115 if you want to bet the over, or odds at -115 if you choose to take the under.

If you are someone that believes that the Colts can win the AFC South Division even without Taylor in the lineup, then you can get a pretty big payday for that wager. The odds for that to happen are set at +700 for the Colts, and that projects them into third place.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the defending champions of the AFC South, and they have odds set at -175. Next on the list is the Tennessee Titans at +300, and the Houston Texans are at +1000.

No Odds on the Board

Betting on running back props is a great way to make a preseason NFL wager, but you won’t find any options when it comes to the Indianapolis Colts. The over/under total rushing yards odds for Taylor have been taken off of the board during this saga, and they won’t be put back up until there is a resolution.

Zack Moss is expected to be the new starting running back with the Colts, but you won’t find any betting odds for him right now, either. Even if it appears as if Taylor is going to miss some time, his presence with the Colts would change the overall outlook for Moss this season.

The Colts are going to be doing some running this season, but it will be with quarterback Anthony Richardson leading the way. Richardson was just recently named the starting quarterback of the Colts, and he will have even more pressure on him to deliver.

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