We have made it through three weeks of the 2023 NFL season, and the grace period is now over for all coaches and players. It’s now time for everyone to perform up to league standards, or else they are at risk of losing their jobs.

The NFL is the one league that has no trouble firing coaches early in a season, and that could be the case as we now get ready for Week 4 of the season. NFL owners and general managers are desperate for wins, and they don’t have time to employ a head coach that simply can’t get the job done.

With that in mind, you are going to want to look at some betting odds for this market, as that can help you predict which head coach will be fired first. Three names really stand out, but anyone can really be cut loose in this league.

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Three Favorites to be Fired

The first place to start when looking at coaches that might be fired is checking out the 0-3 teams through three weeks, but there are other coaches in play here as well. Every team has some sort of level of preseason expectations, and falling short of that ultimately falls on the head coach.

The betting odds at BetOnline list Josh McDaniels as the betting favorite to be fired first at +200, as his tenure with the Las Vegas Raiders just isn’t going well at all. Las Vegas has some serious issues at the quarterback position, and they don’t know how to win games.

Matt Eberflus of the Bears (+225) and Ron Rivera of the Washington Commanders (+300) are next on the list, and both came into this season with hopes of being a coach of the year candidate. Chicago is 0-3 to begin the year, and Washington doesn’t look like it has any shot of competing for a playoff spot.

While these three head coaches are squarely on the hot seat, that doesn’t mean that they are alone in this group.

Possible Contenders

There are always some shocking head coach firings in the NFL, and most of those happen after a team suffers an embarrassing loss. You would think that Sean Payton would be a contender to be fired after the Broncos just gave up 70 points, but the odds for that to happen are currently at just +3300.

There are some other coaches that need to start winning games soon, or they will join the list of favorites when it comes to firing coaches. Things can change quickly in the NFL, and there are several coaches who need things to change in the right direction.

  • Brandon Staley +750
  • Robert Saleh +1000
  • Kevin O’Connell +1400

Brandon Staley, Robert Saleh, and Kevin O’Connell all thought that they would be leading a team that could win a title this season, but that hasn’t been the case through three weeks. It would be shocking to see one of these head coaches fired first, but it’s not a huge surprise to see one of them fired at some point this season.

The Pick

There is going to be an NFL head coach who is fired soon, and you should look no further than Matt Eberflus and the Chicago Bears. Eberflus has been given a long leash in Chicago up to this point, and he is showing no signs of turning things around.

The schedule for the Bears is going to get more difficult over the next few weeks as well, and there isn’t a ton of hope for this team to bounce back. Bet on Eberflus at +225 to be the first head coach fired in the NFL.

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