The NBA Playoffs are getting all of the focus from the NBA fan base, but other fans are focusing on a bit something different. For all of the teams that did not make the playoffs they may be focusing on something else and that is finding a head coach.    

Betting on the NBA playoffs is always exciting but it is also fun to bet on a future of a franchise. If this is something that you like to do then you need to find a sportsbook that offers all types of betting on the sport. Bovada is a sportsbook that has that type of betting. Not only do they have betting options on the NBA playoffs which includes each game as well as series prices on each series, but they also post future odds on which team will eventually be the champion of the NBA.

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They are currently at it again as they have a long list of NBA props that no other sportsbook is offering. They have NBA prop bets that allow the basketball bettor to bet on what team will hire which coach. Currently they have betting props on three teams the Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets with the New York Knicks soon to follow.

For the Rockets, Bovada is offering up 10 coaches to choose from to become the next head man in Houston with Jeff Van Gundy (+150) the current front runner. The Pacers have 12 options to choose from when it comes to their next head coach and the current favorite is Brian Shaw (+300) and they even have Larry Bird (+1500) as an option.

Finally when it comes to the Kings, this great sports betting site is giving up 13 options to become the next leader in Sacramento. The current favorite is Sam Mitchell (+500) but this is easily considered the most wide open job in the NBA at the moment.

Bovada is the only sports betting site that is offering this betting prop so if you want to take your chance on betting on who the next head coach will be for any of these teams you have to sign up at Bovada now. They will also offer up unique betting props on all of the popular sports so sign up now and see what they have to offer!