The 2023 NCAA Tournament is down to the last weekend and just three more games. The three-game finale to the college basketball season is known as the Final Four. Houston is the host city for the big party in a football stadium with more than 70,000 fans on hand. In 2011, Houston hosted the Final Four, and there are a lot of parallels with 2023. In 2011, UConn was the highest remaining seed. In 2011, the first semifinal had two teams from mid-major conferences, VCU and Butler. This year, it’s Florida Atlantic versus San Diego State. There is so much to compare between 2011 and 2023. Now, though, let’s rank the teams gathered for this 2023 Final Four and look at their odds to win it all at


1. Connecticut

Odds To Win Championship At BAS: -130

It is clear that UConn is the best team left in the field. If Texas had beaten Miami, there would have been a real debate about the best team left in Houston. UConn and Texas would have played a headline-grabbing semifinal between the two hottest teams in the tournament. Texas looked very strong in handling Colgate, Penn State, and Xavier, and was leading Miami by 12 with just over 10 minutes left. However, with the Longhorns losing to Miami, UConn should be viewed as the overwhelming favorite to win the national title, which would be the Huskies’ fifth men’s basketball national championship. The Huskies have a lot of length, size and power inside, and their young guards are hitting perimeter shots to create an unbeatable combination. The only way the Huskies can lose is if they shoot poorly from 3-point range and their opponent goes crazy from 3-point land. It’s hard to come up with another scenario in which UConn loses.

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2. Miami

Odds To Win Championship At BAS: +430

The Hurricanes would be a clear favorite over Florida Atlantic or San Diego State if they played the Owls or the Aztecs in the national semifinals, but it’s their misfortune to have to go up against Connecticut, the top team left in Houston. However, Miami shouldn’t be fully counted out in a battle against UConn. The Hurricanes have a quality big man, Norchad Omier, who can go up against Adama Sanogo and potentially limit the effectiveness of the Huskies’ thriving center. If Omier can play to a draw in that one-on-one matchup, Miami might be able to steer this game in its direction and lean on its guards to outplay the UConn backcourt. However, UConn has multiple quality bigs, not just one, and Omier won’t be able to guard all of them.

3. Florida Atlantic

Odds To Win Championship At BAS: +500

The Owls are better than San Diego State because their offense isn’t as likely to go through a very long scoring drought, and because they have size and length which can cancel out San Diego State’s size and toughness near the basket. Florida Atlantic won its Elite Eight game against Kansas State because it was able to grab over a dozen offensive rebounds and score second-chance points. FAU is not just a sleek playmaking team (though it can certainly make beautiful plays). It is a tough, blue-collar team which can fight and scrap with San Diego State.

4. San Diego State

Odds To Win Championship At BAS: +380

The Aztecs could easily beat Florida Atlantic. The game is expected to be close, and the Aztecs just won a one-point game against Creighton this past Sunday to make their first-ever Final Four. They’re a tough team which plays terrific defense and is therefore able to work its way back into a game if it falls behind early. San Diego State trailed Alabama, a No. 1 seed, by nine points and fought back to win by shutting down the Crimson Tide’s offense. SDSU trailed Creighton by eight but worked its way back to win because its defense simply refused to give up many points in the final 10 minutes of a game. San Diego State will give FAU a tough battle. The Aztecs will need more – and better – offense than what we’ve seen the past few games from them.