Growing up I think we all knew of the neighborhood bookie. We were all warned that it was illegal and to be careful. If you happened to lose your bet you better make sure you have his money the following week. Things are changing in the world of sports betting. The neighborhood bookie will always be around taking action, but now with different states realizing how much money they are losing out on with sports gambling they are all starting to change their stance. Sports gambling in the states is not legal in every state yet. But here at BangTheBook we are keeping close tabs on what is going on state to state. Check out our Is Sports Betting Legal in my state guide today.

Back to the main topic of this article is Bet DSI Legal? The answer is Yes. When I stopped wanting to be involved each week with the illegal neighborhood bookie I turned to Bet DSI. The first thing that caught my eye was their 100% new member bonus offer for the SportsBook and the Casino. They also give you up to $2500 in bonus every time you fund your account. The local bookie isn’t giving you those bonuses.

Another wonderful experience I had is with betdsi customer service. When I first set up my account I had a ton of questions and they are very helpful answering any questions I had and getting my account ready for action. Check out our full BetDSI Review to find out all the specifics and also to get our special Promo codes.

The bottom line is sports gambling has been given a bad name over the years by a lot of people. While the states figure out what they are going to do companies like Bet DSI makes it simple to log in and place bets on any game you want whenever you want.