World Cup Props — Who Joins Brazil Out of Group E?


Is Group E at the World Cup competitive? Well, with all due respect to three of the teams involved, it is Brazil and everybody else. But it could be a dogfight to nail down the other spot that advances to the knockout phase. We’re not sure if you know this, but VietBet has more wagering options on the tournament than anybody else does, and there is Live Betting Ultra, which makes the action even more exciting.

We like to think that Brazil can make a run at the World Cup, as you’d hate for them to stumble on the heels of their ghastly effort in friendly territory four years ago in losing 7-1 to Germany. Can this be guaranteed? For those of you who did not follow the story then and haven’t followed it since, they did not have their stellar performer, Neymar, on the field that day. Now, we are not naive to think that he would have made all the difference in that particular match. But there was certainly something missing as the floodgates opened.

Neymar, who is only 26 years old, would like to be looked upon as next in line for consideration of best player in the world, which is an area the likes of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are occupying right now. By all accounts, it’s a “go” for him and he is in great form, having had a big season with Paris Saint-Germain (and rumored to be headed elsewhere, for a huge transfer fee?). He’s not alone in this attack.

One player to keep a close eye on, and a first-timer in the World Cup, is Gabriel Jesus, a 21-year-old who stepped up huge in the qualifying phase, scoring seven goals to lead the squad, and he is one of those kids who can play in different spots on the field. He’s proving himself with Manchester City in the Premier League, and he has a chance to demonstrate that he is the next generation of “superstar” in his native country (we operate under the assumption that Neymar is already at that level).

The object of much sentiment will no doubt be the great right back, Dani Alves, who is playing in his third – and most likely last – World Cup tournament. How consistently outstanding has he been? Well, of all the players on the face of the earth, there is an FIFPro “World XI” of the elite, and Alves has been on that squad in six of the last seven years.

It would be an incredible surprise if Brazil did not make it to the Round of 16, and at VietBet they are priced at -1640 to advance and -365 to win Group E. But the confidence World Cup bettors have in them goes beyond that – they are also the favorites to win the entire tournament at +395. They may have to beat Germany in a rematch to get that done. Not for nothing, but the last time Brazil hoisted the World Cup trophy, it was 2002, as they beat Germany 2-0 in the final match.

The problem with Switzerland is that they don’t have a lot of people who can score goals. We mean that. And this is going to handicap them against at least two of the other teams in this group. They deserved a lot of credit for making it through to the Round of 16 four years and fighting tooth and nail with Argentina, but they were shut out in that game, and the lack of punch is going to put a tremendous burden upon Xherdan Shaqiri, a former Bayern Munich performer now with Stoke City. Their best bet is to use defense to keep things tight, but they can’t get into anything free-wheeling. The Swiss are +100 (even money) to get out of Group E and +640 to win the group outright.

Costa Rica provided a genuine Cinderella story four years ago by making it to the quarter-finals and taking the Netherlands to overtime before losing on penalty kicks. Oscar Ramirez is the new coach; Joel Campbell will once again be a key member of the attack, although he didn’t impress anyone at Arsenal this year enough to get considerable playing time. But when you have the estimable Keylor Navas in goal, you have a chance to battle at least two of these teams on even terms. The Ticos are +475 at VietBet to advance to the knockout games, and +2065 to emerge as the winner of Group E.

Serbia has had to undergo something of a transformation in order to be consider a contender for the Round of 16, where they haven’t been since 1998. Coach Slavoljub Muslin was very rigid with his 3-4-3 formation, and just didn’t think Sergej Milinovic-Savic fit into it. The problem is that Milinovic-Savic is the best player in the country, and considered one of the more in-demand players in the world. So the coach had to go. In stepped Mladen Krstajic, and this alone gives the Serbians a chance. If they win the group, you can get paid at a +775 clip, and they are +108 to move to the Round of 16.

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