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Wide Receivers Feature Prominently in Rookie of the Year Betting Odds

We are getting closer to the date where we all can watch professional sports. I would be remiss if I did not discuss the NFL and specifically Roger Goodell in action to provide protocols and programs to make the players as safe as possible prior to training camps beginning this week. Rookies reported today and there was a wave of social media complaints by NFL players amid the uncertainty of how this is all going to work. What happens to a player, who tests positive? If a player opts-out, does he still get credited for a year of service under the NFL pension, where you need seven years of service in total. What is a rookie running back to do? They needed to start making rookie-contract money, but the NFL had more than five months to prepare COVID-19 programs ranging from best-case to worst-case scenarios.

It is time for Snyder to be forced to sell his franchise once and for all. Enough is enough and he has to go and again will the NFL under Goodell have the guts, (no the courage), to do the right thing now.

Focus on Jalen Reagor

My top rookie wide receiver is Jalen Reagor, who was drafted in Round 1 and 21st pick overall by the Philadelphia Eagles. He will be a backup to DeSean Jackson and with respect to Kaye, I completely disagree. DeSean has always had a bit of baggage attached to him during his NFL career and I will not repeat what he stated most recently.

The Eagle fanbase has a ton to look forward to for many seasons to come with Reagor, who will start Game 1 and has the NFL talent now to play wide receiver or the slot. This opens a massive playbook for quarterback Wentz and head coach Pederson. Reagor runs great routes and while at TCU was never caught taking a play off. The Horned Frogs may have underutilized him in the slot position, but he is one of two wide receivers in the FBS with at least four 40-yard touchdown passes in each of the last three seasons.

He did not have a good combine but has been hand-timed (6 watches) after the combine at a blazing 4.25. So, his elite speed is going to present big problems for defenses to have a linebacker attempt to cover him over the middle of the field. Speed is great, but the ability to gain separation from a defender and receive the ball in space is much more important. Mark my words, Reagor is going to be a menace to tackle in the open field.

Reagor is listed at +2500 at 5Dimes Sportsbook to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Dallas Trades Up to Get CeeDee Lamb

Despite jumping in front of the Eagles to get CeeDee Lamb, I will believe the Eagles got the better pick and do not forget the Eagles could have taken LSU stud Jefferson. There is no doubt that CeeDee Lamb has incredible quickness and will be one of the leaders in yards-after-the catch. Lamb, who was drafted in Round 1 and 17th overall, just might be the reason that Prescott does get the big money sometime over the next two years.

Lamb will start in the slot and causes nightmares for defensive coordinators having to account for Michael Gallup and Amari Cooper. With Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield, you can bet that Prescott will use a ton of play action, especially on early downs looking to get one of the three receivers in man coverage. Elliott will have a drop off in carries, but the Cowboys are going to score a lot more points.

Lamb is +2000 at 5Dimes.

How Will the Vikings Use Justin Jefferson?

The Eagles must have had good reason to pass on Jefferson in the draft, but that does not take away from his NFL-ready talent. He played a ton of slot while at LSU due to the other talents of his teammates, so it will be interesting to see how this does translate to the NFL this season. Jefferson runs tight routes and his upside is there to match or even offset the loss of Stefon Diggs via trade.

Jefferson has the biggest price of the three at +3000.

The Summary of these Three Rookies

There is one dominant theme among the three wide receivers I have detailed above. All three run excellent routes and can play both wide receiver and slot at the NFL-level. This will have defensive coordinators guessing on their respective formations, especially in third-down situations. If I remember right, the Eagles have two particularly good tight ends that could find themselves wide open because of all the attention focused on the other targets, so Reagor is a great bet for Rookie of the Year.


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