Where Can I Bet On Sports Online

where can I bet on sports online

A lot of people ask “where can I bet on sports online”? It has been possible for sports fans in the USA to bet on sporting events for more than a decade. Betting sites have evolved to provide many kinds of bets, an ever-expanding list of sports, and attractive promotions and specials. Check out our special Bang The Book promos.

Although many bets on many sports are routinely available, there are four big sports that dominate the online betting scene. These are baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. And, because of the high volume of bets on the dominate sports in the USA, lines are very competitive for these four. Shop around a little and you will routinely find fantastic values. Check out our sportsbook review section to save yourself time trying to find the right sportsbook for you.

If you like to bet on horse racing, you will find that most USA betting sites have separate sections for the horses. You will find detailed information on events like the Kentucky Derby as well as coverage of the tracks in detail. Pay attention to the promotions offered in the horse racing section as they are commonly different from what is offered for betting on other sports.

If you are more interested in international and niche sports, today’s USA betting sites have a lot to offer as well. You can find sections with lines dedicated to international sports, boxing, tennis, soccer, golf, and motor racing.

When looking for an online site to place your bets, remember that as the number of sites increases, so does the competition for business. Online USA betting sites typically have welcome packages including things like free bets and deposit bonuses. Compare the promotions from one site to another to see what various USA betting sites offer their regular customers. The superior sites not only offer sweet deals for new customers, they reward their loyal customers as well.


There are lots of online betting sites. Some have been around for a long time, are trustworthy, and safe to use. But, when you are betting your hard earned money, you have a right to choose. It need not be a chore to find out if your money is being deposited with an online site you can trust.

First of all, check out their license and jurisdiction. There are reputable USA betting sites licensed in the Netherlands Antilles, Kahnawake territory, and Antigua. If you cannot find a license or where that license comes from, that should be a reason to avoid the betting site.

Second, when someone runs a reputable business, they prosper and stay in business. Look for USA betting sites that have been in operation for seven years or longer. You will be dealing with folks who have developed a good reputation and are keeping their clients. This tells you they are doing something right!

And, make sure that the online site both has a policy for responsible gambling as well as several means of contacting their customer service people.


After you have chosen a USA betting site, you will need to deposit money in order to place your bets. Due to recent banking restrictions, this has become more difficult than it used to be. But, with a little know-how, you can do it.

Your first and easiest choice is to use a credit card or bank card. The majority of offshore sites will take MasterCard or Visa. If that is a problem then go with a pre-paid card. Simply visit your local grocery or convenience store to purchase the card. But, talk to the folks at your betting site to find out if certain cards are preferred.

An alternative to paying with a card is to use Western Union. Find out the routing information for your betting site of choice, take cash to Western Union, and send.

The best way to deposit to a betting site is Bitcoin! Here are the Best Bitcoin Betting Sites.

When you win and are ready to collect, online sites typically pay with a check which they will mail to you. There should be no problem cashing these checks at your bank. Alternatively, some betting sites will use money transfer services.

There are many excellent USA betting sites where you can bet on a wide variety of sporting events. Check them out and begin today.