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Weekly 20% eSports Rebate Makes You Part of the Action at BetOnline

The idea that you can win even when you lose – is that the stuff of pure fantasy? Well, no; not really.

When you have an account with BetOnline, and you take a shine to the phenomenon that is eSports, that’s exactly what can happen to you. Or rather, FOR you.

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In case you are not aware, eSports has become a sports genre that is not only loaded with participants, but with spectators as well. In fact, not only does it sell out arenas (we are not kidding about that), but it draws big TV ratings as well – in fact, better ratings than some of the “major” sports, on occasion.

The business itself, and businesses that are derivative of it, are hailed by some financial experts as explosive investments, both now and in the future.

And when sports become very popular, it only follows that there is betting interest that goes along with it. And in eSports, the interest among sports bettors has experienced incredible growth.

We readily acknowledge that if you are a “traditional” sports bettor, you may not be interested in eSports. But if you are looking for opportunity, and don’t constrain yourself, you might leave yourself open to it.

And if you do, BetOnline has a great deal to offer.

For each week that a customer engages in wagering on eSports action, he or she can receive a 20% rebate on all losses over $250 during any given week.

That might even be enough to get you to start with eSports betting. Who knows – you might have more success with that than with football or basketball. And you generally don’t have much problem watching it once you have bet on it.

There are so many leagues to choose from, including (but not limited to): Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, IEM Beijing, International Championship, Freeton League and First Strike CIS, not to mention tournaments like the Fortnite World Cup, which gave out $30 million in prize money in its inaugural event, which sold out Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, the stte of the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

So yes, it is very big indeed.

So when you proceed with your eSports play, you’ll be eligible for a maximum $200 rebate every week, with that $250 minimum in losses as a qualifier.

And what makes this kind of unique is that BetOnline pays out these rebates in the form of casino bonuses. And it is available to be used on their popular games.

You can, for example, play slot games, roulette, baccarat, blackjack (and many variations thereof), video poker, various table poker games in the casino (like Oasis Poker, Caribbean Poker or Three-Card Poker), craps, 3-Card Rummy, Pai Gow, Keno, Red Dog, the Virtual Racebook and more.

You can also use the rebate in the live casino. And maybe this is a good way to introduce yourself to it. This is a version of the casino in which you would literally be playing against live dealers who are located in a brick-and-mortar setting.

So you’ve got a shot here to plug yourself into multiple avenues of excitement, by way of BetOnline and its eSports Rebate.

We can virtually guarantee much more than a 20% chance of rip-roaring fun, raining all over you!


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