The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast March 30, 2020


We started off a new week (it is Monday, right?) with a brand spanking new edition of The Bettor’s Box, our MLB betting podcast with host Adam Burke. We’re still trying to be prepared for the start of the upcoming Major League Baseball season and Adam is attempting to do that twice a week through these Bettor’s Box podcasts to talk about different baseball betting topics.

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On the Monday March 30 edition of The Bettor’s Box, host Adam Burke tried to keep his regular show format as if we had games to discuss. He started with a look Beyond the Box Score to talk about first inning scoring and how to handle bullpens, including the thought process that goes into making a 1st 5 bet or a full-game wager.

He also talked about what to look for with regards to odds movement during the Down the Lines segment, with an interesting discussion on why the lines move the way that they do sometimes, especially with buyback in the other direction. The MLB betting market is a living thing for the most part and it shows through the line movement.

Join us on Tuesday when we chat some more horse racing tips with Brian Blessing.

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