Super Bowl LIV Game Props Odds and Picks


You can get as basic or as technical as you want when it comes to Super Bowl props. The prop catalog is ever-expanding for the Super Bowl and, in particular, with so many new states on board this time around. If you want to get really crazy and bet some extremely obscure things, you have that opportunity.

There are a lot of “old reliables” out there, too. You know what they are because they have been posted for just about every Super Bowl since prop betting was introduced. If you want a KISS handicap – Keep It Simple, Stupid – for Super Bowl LIV, you can have exactly that with what Brian Blessing has termed the “Generic Props” for the game on February 2.

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These are the offerings that have been out there since the dawn of time. Will there be a special teams or defensive touchdown? Will the game go to overtime? Will there be a safety? Will there be a safety in the first half? Will a team score three unanswered times? What will the highest-scoring half?

We’ll have lots of prop coverage as the week goes along, but keep in mind that the Super Bowl has only gone to overtime ONCE and this will be the 54th edition of the game. Even though safeties have been fairly popular of late, the 6/1 or 7/1 price doesn’t line up with how often it happens. The sportsbooks are smart. They’ll dangle those pretty carrots out in front of bettors when they can, so make sure that you really take a long, hard look at those balloon plus prices before you do some gambling on the game in Miami.

Brian shared a lot of the odds and lines for these prop bets and worked in some of his own analysis to give you a sense of direction for the Generic Props for Super Bowl LIV in the above video.