Super Bowl LIII Cross-Sport Props Betting Picks


The biggest day in American sports is finally here, and there’s nothing more America than betting on the Big Game. There are numerous props to bet for the game itself, and if you’re feeling really frisky, you can also bet on cross sport props involving the NBA, NHL, and college basketball. That will give you a little something extra to cheer for, and with that in mind, here are some of my favorite Super Bowl Cross Sport Props.

Sony Michel Rushing Attempts -0.5 vs. Jayson Tatum Points

Bill Belichick wants to run the ball often to keep Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh honest, and he has made it clear that he thinks Sony Michel is a workhorse back. James White is used mainly as a pass-catching option these days, and Belichick has not been giving Rex Burkhead a lot of run either.

Michel carried the ball 24 times against the Los Angeles Chargers in the Divisional Round and racked up 29 carries against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. He would have seen more action against the Chiefs too considering how well he had been running, but he was obviously gassed as the 29 carries were a season-high for him.

With two weeks off between the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl, Michel will have had time to rest. I think Belichick wants to use him often, and I see him finishing with at least 22 carries barring injury.

As for other part of this bet, let’s look at Jayson Tatum’s numbers. He is averaging 16.2 PPG on the year, and he has finished with less than 20 points in 35 of his 52 games. Tatum will be facing one of the better defenses in the NBA in the Thunder, and he might not see much playing time either. Boston is rumored to be making a run at Anthony Davis, and Tatum would likely be the centerpiece of that trade on the side of the Celtics. They may not want to give him too much time on the court and risk an injury that would cause a deal to fall through.

Total Field Goals in Super Bowl LIII +166 vs. Alex Ovechkin Shots on Goal

Ovechkin has led the NHL in shots on goal in 11 of his 13 seasons in the league, but he has demurred far more often than in the past this season. Ovechkin has just 196 shots in 50 games this season, and he has learned to be far more efficient when it comes to when to shoot instead.

His shooting percentage is the highest it has ever been, so he is picking his spots much better than he has in the past. Finally winning a Stanley Cup after a dozen years may have led to him not feeling as much pressure, so he doesn’t feel the need to shoot at every opportunity.

In the month of January, Ovechkin did not put more than five shots on net, and he averaged just over 3.5 shots per game.
The over/under for field goals in an NFL game is almost always 3.5, so already you are getting good value considering Ovie’s most recent performances. Additionally, there are more reasons to feel particularly good about this play.

The Rams and the Patriots have two of the best field goal kickers in the league. Stephen Gostkowski has a big leg and doesn’t miss often, coming into the Super Bowl with the third-highest field goal percentage all-time. Meanwhile, Greg Zuerlein might have the biggest leg in the game today. He isn’t as accurate as Gostkowski, but Sean McVay certainly isn’t afraid to give him a shot from 50 yards or longer.

This could be the highest scoring Super Bowl in recent memory too. The over/under for Super Bowl LIII has been set at 56, and that’s the highest total we’ve ever seen for a Super Bowl. That will give both of these kickers plenty of chances to kick field goals. In the NFC Championship Game, there were a combined seven field goals between the Saints and the Rams, and that number would almost certainly cash if it were duplicated on Sunday evening.


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