Super Bowl LIII 1st Quarter Props


Betting on the Super Bowl is a lot of fun, but picking up the proposition bets means even more fun and it could get you some really nice wages without waiting for the game to end. In this article, we’ll show you the most interesting props for the 1st quarter of the New England Patriots versus the Los Angeles Rams clash in Super Bowl LIII along with some betting notes and our predictions. Feel free to shop around for the best wages and lines as even one point can make the difference.

1st Quarter Race to Points

We’ll start with the race to points and you have three different lines to choose from – six, nine, and twelve points. If you’re ready to risk some money, take that neither side will make it to 12 points in the first 15 minutes at -334 odds. The Pats had a 7-0 lead at Kansas City, while the Rams trailed 13-0 at New Orleans. However, if you think the Pats will reach six points first in the 1st quarter, you’ll get +115 wages, while the Rams are at +162 odds. And, if you expect a tight 1st quarter where neither side will make it to six points, you can get +300 wages.

I’ll go with both sides to stay below nine points at -160 odds, as I don’t expect to see a firecracker 1st quarter with so much at stake.

Team Points

The Rams made a slow start in both their previous playoff games, scoring zero 1st-quarter points against the Saints and just a field goal against the Cowboys. On the other side, the Patriots scored a TD at Kansas City and a couple of scores against the Chargers at home. The line on the Rams is at 5.5 points with the odds at -120, but I will take the Patriots in the over with the line at 6.5 points and the odds at -138. The Pats’ offense often does a good job early in the game, and I think they will have one long drive to score a TD.

Both Teams to Score

New England hasn’t allowed the Chiefs to score in the 1st quarter, but the Chargers have scored a TD in the divisional round. On the other side, the Rams have failed to score against the Saints, while we saw some points on both sides when they’ve met the Cowboys in the divisional round. We could easily see both teams scoring at least a field goal on this one, and the odds are +110, while the wages are -150 to see one of the teams failing to put some numbers on the scoreboard during the 1st quarter.

This is a tricky wager, but I would take the chance at higher odds. If one team gets the lead early in the game, I hope the other one will have enough time to answer with at least a field goal.

1st Quarter Touchdowns

The line has been set at 1.5 with the over at +125 odds and the under at -175 odds. It might be too much to see a touchdown on both sides, so I’ll go with the under. We haven’t seen both teams scoring a touchdown in the 1st quarter in the previous ten Super Bowl games, while only once we saw more than a TD in that span, but if you like to go against the streak, this is a perfect prop for you to take.

1st Quarter Field Goals

The chalk on this one has been set at 0.5 with the over at -110 odds and the under at -125 odds. This prop seems more apposite than taking touchdowns, as in the biggest game of the season, these two teams will do everything they can to limit their rivals to at least a field goal and avoid a TD. I think we’ll see a field goal scored as we did in three of the last six Super Bowls.

1st Quarter/Match Result

Well, with this prop you’ll have to wait to the end. You can choose from nine different picks and New England/New England is set at +187 odds, while LA Rams/LA Rams are set at +250 odds. If you expect to see some crossing, the odds are +650. Also, picking a tie at the end of the 1st quarter along with the Pats to win the game will get you +650 odds while the Rams are at +750 odds. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a tie after the first 15 minutes, so I would try to earn some greater wages with the Patriots winning at the end.

Keep in mind that the coin toss could determine the things a lot, but you can always count on some strange things to happen as even safety is an option as we saw a couple of times in this decade.


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