Super Bowl LIII 1st Half Props


The Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will face off against each other in Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, in less than a week, so we’re taking a closer look at some other betting options than just picking up a winner or taking the totals. There are plenty of markets to choose from and the 1st half props could be very intriguing. Hereof, let’s see what the bookies have to offer. We’ll show you the most interesting options out there and give you some advice along with our betting picks.

Alternative Point Spread

The New England Patriots are slight -115 favorites to win the 1st half, but you can also take them as 4.5-point favorites at +150 odds or to back them as 3.5-point underdogs at -225 odds. The Pats smashed the Chargers 35-7 in the first half and had a 14-0 lead over the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. On the other side, the Los Angeles Rams are slight -105 dogs to lead at halftime, but you can take them as 4.5-point dogs at -200 odds or pick up the Rams as 3.5-point favorites at +162 odds. The Rams were leading 20-7 at halftime against Dallas and trailing 13-10 against New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game.

Considering the Pats’ current form and their huge experience, I think they won’t trail at halftime, at least not by 4 or more points.

Alternative Total

The line on the first-half total has been set at 27.5 points, but you can adjust it to 20.5 points and take the over at -300 odds or the under at +225. If you expect to see a firecracker in the 1st half, take the higher chalk on 34.5 points with the over at +225 odds, while the under is at -300 odds in that case. We saw 34 first-half points last year, but none of the previous five Super Bowl games had more than 34 first-half points in the total, while just once in that span we saw less than 21 points on the scoreboard at halftime.

I don’t expect to see a bunch of points in the 1st half, so I wouldn’t go over 34.5 points. Likewise, I think there is a lot of firepower on both sides to see just 20 or fewer points until halftime, so if you want to place a high stake at lower odds, this prop should be the right one.

Winning Margin

If you have a presentiment who will have a lead at halftime, try to nail the margin and earn some nice wages. You can choose from five different markets (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13 or more) and the odds are quite tempting around +1000, while only 13-or-more-point margin will get you wages around +400.

This prop can get some really nice wages, and I’m taking the Patriots within 7 and 9 points at +900 odds. They were leading by 13 or more in the previous two encounters with the Chargers and the Chiefs, but I’m looking for a different scenario here, considering it is the biggest game of the season.

Team Points

The line has been set at 13.5 points on both sides, and the over/under on the Rams are set at -120 odds, while the Patriots in the over are -138 and are +100 in the under. This one seems like a nice wager for the Patriots’ backers, as a couple of touchdowns against the inexperienced Rams look like a realistic possibility. On the other side, the Los Angeles Rams could easily stay below 14 points in the first half if they enter the game nervously, so I’ll take them in the under. The Rams scored 20 first-half points against Dallas, but it was in the Divisional Round in front of the home audience.

1st Half Touchdowns

We saw exactly two touchdowns per 1st half in both championship games, and the under 2.5 touchdowns on this one is at +162 odds which sounds pretty attractive. However, if you want a less risky shot, take under 3.5 TD at -150 odds. Both teams need to play tough defense on their side of the pitch which should lead to three or fewer touchdowns in the first half. There is another option to take under 3.5 TD at -350 odds, but you risk a lot of money to get some modest wages.

Also, you can wager on an exact number of touchdowns, and my money will go on exactly three touchdowns in the 1st half at +300 odds. If someone get a two-possession lead, it would require a response from the other side.

1st Half Team Field Goals Scored

This one is my favorite, as the line has been set at 0.5 field goals on both sides, and I think both teams will score at least one field goal during the 1st half. As I’ve mentioned above, we should see some tough defense early in the game that would lead to at least to a couple of 4th downs on the opposite side of the field. Also, both teams rely on some great kickers, so take the Patriots in the over at -138 odds and the Rams in the over at -125 odds.

1st Half Result & Total

I’ve told you that I think the Patriots will be leading at halftime thanks to their experience in big games, so I just need to connect it with the total. You never know what will happen, but I think we’ll see less than 27 points in the first half because both teams should be patient and cautious. That being said, I’m taking the Patriots &Under 27.5 points at +260 odds. You’ll get the identical odds if you pick the over along with the Pats. On the other side, the LA Rams & Under is set at +300 odds, while the over brings +320 odds. And, for those who are backing a tie, there are some nice props, as Tie & Under is set at +1400 odds, while Tie & Over is at +2000 odds.

As you can see, there are so many different props, but the alternative lines could be really helpful while betting on touchdowns and field goals is also a nice option. Also, if you fancy one of the rivals, you can back them along with the winning margin or with the total and get some greater wages.


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