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UcaBet Parlays Odds

Ucabet is a player’s paradise as they make it easy to enjoy sports betting. Ucabet offers one of the most suitable and pleasant sports betting experience available online, over the telephone and through all mobile devices. Ucabet connects its customers to the best betting options in sports, which includes outstanding parlay betting. Formerly known as Badlands, Ucabet is ready to turn up the heat on parlay betting with great options and odds.

A parlay is a bet where the bettor chooses a combination of bets and puts them all on one betting slip. Those bets can be money lines, totals or point-spreads and will be graded as a winner as long as ALL of the best included in the parlay win. A tie game on a three or more team parlay reduces the parlay to the next lowest payoff.  If the game is a two-team parlay than that parlay is reduced to a straight wager and paid off accordingly.

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The number of teams allowed to be put in a parlay at Ucabet varies. The minimum number of teams included in a parlay is two and the maximum number of teams that can be included in a parlay is eight. The more teams included in the parlay, the higher the payout as the odds increase.

The odds for Ucabet are as follows. In a two-team parlay the payout is 13/5 and in a three team parlay the payout Is 6/1. In a four team parlay the odds are 11/1 with a five team parlay coming in with odds at 21/1. The highest return on odds is for an 8-team parlay which pays out at 80-to-1.

Ucabet is ready to accommodate all of their clients that love to bet on parlays. They offer updated odds and betting options that allow the parlay bettors to get the most enjoyable experience at any online sports book.

Number of teams PAY
2 TEAMS PAY 13/5
4 TEAMS PAY 11/1
5 TEAMS PAY 21/1
6 TEAMS PAY 35/1
7 TEAMS PAY 50/1
8 TEAMS PAY 80/1


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