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BetUSA Bonus Code: N/A
SignUp Bonus : 20%
Reup Bonus: 5%

BETUSA Information

Location: St Johns Antigua Allows U.S Players: Yes
Email: Min. Bet Phone: $1 Online / $50
Phone: UNAVAILABLE Max Bet Phone: $5k Online / $20k

**Updated May 27th, 2015

BetUSA Review BetUSA Review

BetUSA claims to be in business since 1996 however they seem to have popped up much later than that more likely around 2009.

When we first found them we rated them "suspect" playing off a more reputable sportsbook name however it is clear that they along with one of there other sites BET911 has now been put on our blacklist, and are considered right now to be nothing more than a scam sportsbook. It is appears they stay in business to do nothing more than take customers money that they have no intention of ever paying out. STAY FAR AWAY!

Update: 2/6/13 - It appears there is action on BetUsa's website, in that a new site is being built. Please stay tuned it is possible a new company or old maybe emerging