BetUS Sportsbook

BetUs Sportsbook

We Cannot Stress this enough EVERYDAY we get 100s of people coming here to look for a BetUS promo Code, or bonus information etc.. We repeat BETUS is no longer a viable online sportsbook. Please Check our TOP TEN SPORTSBOOKS out you DO NOT want to play all season, or win etc.. and NEVER, I repeat Never get paid. Please take notice of this warning!

Back in December of 2011 BETUS lost there processing ability at which time they cut there staff in half, They now remain in business by taking deposits from new players and those who lose and never ask for a payout. Players who win will not receive any compensation. We have received many pleas for help however there is nothing we can do. We can not take there site down. All I can do is tell you to PLEASE checkout our TOP US SPORTSBOOKS here or proceed to them at your own caution!

We recommend you visit our sportsbook review page for a better alternative than BetUS as of this point we cannot endorse them as a safe online sportsbook. Please feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Some Player Stories from around the Web:

A player claimed that his account was closed following the accumulation of $7,975 in winnings. BetUS allegedly informed the player that he was not considered a recreational sports bettor. His winnings have yet to be released. He does not contest that his account was closed; he simply wishes to be paid his balance and move on. An online sportsbook is within their right to refuse service to any account – think of it like walking into an uppity restaurant shirtless, you will likely be shown the door. While an extreme example, online sportsbooks are in the business of making money, so players determined to be too sophisticated to service may be denied the right to an account. However, legitimately earned winnings must be honored absent evidence of fraud. The old industry standard of “you book the bet, you pay the bet” applies. BetUS Sportsbook have yet to comment on the situation.

A BetUS Sportsbook player has filed a complaint. The player has stated he made two $1,000 deposits last week through bank card. His balance was increased to $7,975.44. He tells SBR that he requested his first payout from BetUS Sportsbook today, the morning of August 26, and was told that his account was being closed on the grounds that he is not a recreational sports bettor. The player has no problem with his account being closed but rightfully demands his winnings. Sportsbook Review has followed up with the betting site to inquire on when the player will be paid his winnings.

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