Diamond Sportsbook is most certainly at the top of their game. Diamond Sportsbook also known as BetDSI is highly regarded as one of the best online gaming portals in the world. BetDSI is a global giant in the online gaming industry. Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica BetDSI is a lynchpin of the gaming industry that other sportsbooks try to emulate when raising their game.

What most people may not know is the BetDSI also has an outstanding poker room. Known as DSI Poker, the poker room at BetDSI is elite and has a huge pool of players that love to sit at the table and throw some cards in the hopes of making some money. BetDSI is not settled with being the best as they like to ramp things up by offering tournaments and great Poker races.

With that in mind, if you love Poker you must enter and play “The Beast”. The Beast is known as the World’s First Progressive Rake Race, and it is exclusive to DSI Poker. The Beast was created by the genius management team at DSI Poker to find a way to completely change how players compete and are warded with big jackpots at DSI Poker.

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Most Jackpots in poker rooms are popped or awarded on a rare occasion, but not the Beast. DSI Poker has set up this competitive tournament so the jackpot is up for grabs every month! This is unheard of in poker rooms and just another example of how DSI Poker is taking the gaming industry to an entirely new and epic level.

Players earn points in the poker room towards big money. The points earned get tallied as you play and earn you a spot on The Beast. The more points you collect, the higher you’ll climb up the prestigious leader board. At the end of the month, they reward dozens of poker players with hundreds of thousands of dollars based on their position on the leader board.

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