The name Ultimate Poker will go down in history because they have become America’s first and only regulated online real money poker site. This is a huge and positive move for the poker industry. Finally the poker player can feel safe about playing cards again and will no longer have to worry about what country or city will host the event. Ultimate Poker is run by professionals in the Las Vegas area that no exactly what they are doing which explains why they are at the forefront of the new wave of online poker sites that will originate from the United States.

The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will always be known as the gaming and regulatory capital of the world. It was founded by four of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the city’s recent gaming and technology history. In 2011, Ultimate Gaming acquired CyberArts, allowing the company to create and preserve its own proprietary casino software complete with regulations. This paved the way to open the doors for poker players once again.

Ultimate Poker is a licensed online poker room, and they are using astonishing customer service and best-in-class rewards to lure the customer back to the tables. Ultimate Poker was created by online poker specialists with more than 30 years combined understanding of the game and they are firmly backed by Las Vegas gaming leaders as well as the local government so they will not be shut down for any illegal practices. They know exactly what the poker player expects from a real poker room and they bring it to life with Ultimate Poker. Ultimate Gaming, a majority-owned subsidiary of Station Casinos LLC, has launched real money online poker at, making history as the first company in the United States to offer legal and secure online poker. Ultimate Gaming is a trend setter in a very new area that will soon to be very successful in the United States. Their goal is to create authentic entertainment experiences across online gaming platforms for all of the poker players that were discarded in the past.

Poker players rejoice, Ultimate Poker represents the future of online poker as we know it. It is time to pull up a seat and get back to what is important and that is playing poker and winning money without worrying about safety, government or any other distractions. Shuffle up and deal!