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We’re back after the All-Star break with a fairly small schedule and today we can’t really rely on how teams perform after a win or loss, which we use fairly extensively in coming up with our one play per day. The number of days in between games has pretty much made that irrelevant for tonight’s games.

orioles season preview 2018

The Orioles are in a tough spot. Their low OBP/high SLG offensive profile doesn’t mean as much in the Juiced Ball Era. Their rotation is the stuff of Alfred Hitchcock films. The bullpen has some damaged goods. The ceiling seems to be capped, so the question we have to answer is, how low is the floor?

red sox season preview 2018

Are the Red Sox going to be better all around offensively? Will they regress to the mean with RISP? What is the ceiling for Boston?

yankees season preview 2018

Hopes are high for this team and they should be. I’ve already made a commitment to value bullpens more and you won’t find one better than this one. Can I possibly look at the Yankees and consider the under?