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NFL Power Rankings

(331) ATLANTA @ (332) TAMPA BAY | 8:30 pm 12/18/2017

Play Line: TAMPA BAY 7
BTB PowerLine: TAMPA BAY +4

Edge On: TAMPA BAY 3Bet Now
(101) INDIANAPOLIS @ (102) BALTIMORE | 4:30 pm 12/23/2017

Play Line: BALTIMORE -13.5
BTB PowerLine: BALTIMORE -19

Edge On: BALTIMORE 5.5Bet Now
(107) LA CHARGERS @ (108) NY JETS | 1:00 pm 12/24/2017

Play Line: NY JETS 7
BTB PowerLine: NY JETS +6

Edge On: NY JETS 1Bet Now
(105) DETROIT @ (106) CINCINNATI | 1:00 pm 12/24/2017


Edge On: CINCINNATI 2Bet Now
(111) CLEVELAND @ (112) CHICAGO | 1:00 pm 12/24/2017

Play Line: CHICAGO -6.5
BTB PowerLine: CHICAGO -10

Edge On: CHICAGO 3.5Bet Now
(121) BUFFALO @ (122) NEW ENGLAND | 1:00 pm 12/24/2017

Play Line: NEW ENGLAND -12.5
BTB PowerLine: NEW ENGLAND -17

Edge On: NEW ENGLAND 4.5Bet Now
(109) LA RAMS @ (110) TENNESSEE | 1:00 pm 12/24/2017

Play Line: LA RAMS -6.5
BTB PowerLine: LA RAMS -11

Edge On: LA RAMS 4.5Bet Now
(123) JACKSONVILLE @ (124) SAN FRANCISCO | 4:05 pm 12/24/2017

Play Line: JACKSONVILLE -4.5

Edge On: JACKSONVILLE 5.5Bet Now
(129) PITTSBURGH @ (130) HOUSTON | 4:30 pm 12/25/2017

Play Line: HOUSTON 10
BTB PowerLine: HOUSTON +8

Edge On: HOUSTON 2Bet Now
(131) OAKLAND @ (132) PHILADELPHIA | 8:30 pm 12/25/2017



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