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Another week’s worth of NBA games is on tap for us as we try to use the schedule to uncover some favorable betting angles and edges.

nhl situational feb 26 mar 4

A turbulent start to this week in the NHL is on the way with Monday’s Trade Deadline. Players are going to be on the move as teams look to position themselves for the playoffs or position themselves for a better chance in the Draft Lottery.

Bettors should look to turn down all the noise and focus on what’s really important. That’s why we like our betting trends. Just take a look at our NBA Top Trends and you’ll found out that there’s no lie in numbers. Okay, there’s still some noise to sift through, but that’s where we come through with our NBA Betting Trends of the Day.

Find out the latest trends related to the National Hockey League. Get information on who has been efficient against the spread, which teams are going over, and who is hot in the National Hockey League for February 25, 2018.