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CBB Power Rankings

(827) S DAKOTA ST @ (828) COLORADO | 8:00 pm 12/15/2017

Play Line: S DAKOTA ST 4.5
BTB PowerLine: S DAKOTA ST +3

Edge On: S DAKOTA ST 1.5Bet Now
(831) MD-EAST SHORE @ (832) CREIGHTON | 8:00 pm 12/15/2017

Play Line: CREIGHTON -36.5
BTB PowerLine: CREIGHTON -41

Edge On: CREIGHTON 4.5Bet Now
(825) CAL DAVIS @ (826) SAN FRANCISCO | 11:00 pm 12/15/2017

Play Line: CAL DAVIS 3.5
BTB PowerLine: CAL DAVIS +0

Edge On: CAL DAVIS 3.5Bet Now
(521) JAMES MADISON @ (522) FLA INTERNATIONAL | 12:00 pm 12/16/2017


(523) MEMPHIS @ (524) LOUISVILLE | 12:00 pm 12/16/2017

Play Line: LOUISVILLE -12

Edge On: LOUISVILLE 12Bet Now
(603) DRAKE @ (604) IOWA | 2:00 pm 12/16/2017

Play Line: IOWA -6.5
BTB PowerLine: IOWA -13

Edge On: IOWA 6.5Bet Now
(599) OKLAHOMA ST @ (600) FLORIDA ST | 2:00 pm 12/16/2017

Play Line: FLORIDA ST -5.5
BTB PowerLine: FLORIDA ST -11

Edge On: FLORIDA ST 5.5Bet Now
(597) NOTRE DAME @ (598) INDIANA | 2:30 pm 12/16/2017

Play Line: INDIANA 6.5
BTB PowerLine: INDIANA +2

Edge On: INDIANA 4.5Bet Now
(601) CLEMSON @ (602) FLORIDA | 4:30 pm 12/16/2017

Play Line: FLORIDA -4.5
BTB PowerLine: FLORIDA -13

Edge On: FLORIDA 8.5Bet Now
(557) OREGON @ (558) FRESNO ST | 6:00 pm 12/16/2017

Play Line: OREGON 2
BTB PowerLine: OREGON -2

Edge On: OREGON 4Bet Now

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nfl market watch week 15

As we move on to week 15, getting back to the winning side of things is the objective.

We managed to sneak under the number in Golden State on Thursday to move to 26-10 with our NBA totals plays and now have a massive schedule to look at for Friday night.

We fell to 2-2 on our NHL totals Plays of the Day, as the Oilers were blanked by Nashville last night and now we’re faced with just a five-game schedule after a massive slate last night, so we’ll be able to take a little extra time when looking at these games

Five games to choose from and we’ve got a couple of edges to play. The Leafs are a tough play right now with the way they’re playing while the Canucks are a relatively easy fade so this probably sets up for an even split tonight but hopefully Toronto can get their act together and end their road trip with a victory.