Last night, LCS Europe gave us one of the best plays of the year. G2 Esports and Unicorns of Love were clashing in a battle of undefeated titans, when UoL pulled off a move that will be discussed the rest of the Spring Split. G2 had won the first game of the three-game series and with the second game somewhat up in the air, UoL went for broke. One by one, UoL’s entire team teleported to G2’s nexus to try to end the game, but the plan backfired. UoL was able to knock the nexus down and needed just one more hit to end the game, but couldn’t get it and were aced. That coupled with long respawn timers led to a G2 charge on an undefended base that did work and left G2 as the only undefeated team in Europe. With a finish that exciting, you have to wonder what can top it the rest of the week.

2017 Spring Split League of Legends LCS Europe Betting Odds

Splyce -455


Splyce is in a world of hurt. Although they brought back the same team that dominated Europe last year, any thoughts of them cruising through the region like they did last year have been erased. Losing to UoL and H2k was not much of a surprise considering how they have played this season, but the loss to Misfits was a bit of a shock. They have fought back to 3-3, but are still behind both UoL and H2K in their division.

Trashy has been one of the worst jungle players in Europe this season. Last year, he was lauded for his masterful play, but he has just a 2.3 KDA and his CS is below the average as well. He has been a member of this team for a while, but if he keeps playing like this, they may have to start looking at their bench.

The good news for Splyce is they are playing one of the weakest teams in Europe. ROCCAT has yet to win a series and although they have won two games, they have been thoroughly trounced by even league-average teams. Against Fnatic, although ROCCAT took it to a third game, the games Fnatic won were both under 30 minutes while the ROCCAT win was almost 45 minutes long.

Hjarnan makes the most of his position as the AD Carry. He has supplied 31 percent of the team’s total damage and he is one of just a few players averaging over 600 damage per minute. If ROCCAT wants to shock the world, that’s the man who has to step up.

Fnatic -635

Origen +485

Origen is still looking to win a game in European play. Thus far, they have been the laughing stock of the league and the team that everybody uses as a barometer. Only Tabzz has a KDA of at least two and this team has twice as many deaths as kills at this point. Satorious fights way too many one-on-one battles for this team to succeed, but it’s so obviously outclassed it’s not funny.

Fnatic has continued to struggle after a very poor end to its 2016 campaign. Fnatic brought back its most important players, but the team continues to misfire repeatedly and not even the easy matches are safe. Five of Fnatic’s six match-ups have seen a third game, even those against teams like Giants and ROCCAT.

sOAZ has been alright in the top lane despite less than stellar numbers, but the story has been Rekkles. Rekkles has a 5.7 KDA Ratio and twice as many kills as deaths at this point. He is the leader of Fnatic, having been with the team on and off since 2012 and who they chose to build the team around.

The Plays

In the first series, go with Splyce.  They are a disciplined enough group to not take ROCCAT for granted and should be able to make short work of that side.

In the other match, it may be worth it to put some coin on Origen. Origen should at least win one match if the pattern holds true and anything can happen in a third game.