The group stages are now out of the way and we have our final eight teams ready to square off in the knockout rounds. Now, the best-of-five quarterfinals will take place Thursday through Sunday at the Chicago Theatre with the winner heading to a semi-final matchup in Madison Square Garden. First up this week, we’ll have Korean side Samsung Galaxy face the lone surviving North American team, Cloud9.
Samsung Galaxy -660            Cloud9 +410
Samsung Galaxy Breakdown
Samsung was an overlooked side coming into Worlds and many didn’t expect them to get out of the Group of Death despite a 2-1 start. SSG just couldn’t defeat Korean rivals ROX Tigers and SK Telecom T1, and had trouble with KT Rolster during the LCK Summer Split, which led to many analysts doubting the team.
However, SSG had two of the most dominant victories of the second weekend of play when they cruised past Splyce and Royal Never Give Up and everyone is loving this team now, especially after a very favorable draw where they are favored to make the finals. 
The best player on SSG so far has been Crown and his use of Victor has been fantastic. He has absolutely shredded opponents on the champion so far at Worlds and his play against TSM’s mid-laner Bjergsen propelled Samsung past TSM and shored up their spot in the Quarterfinals. Crown relied heavily on Viktor during the LCK Summer Split, selecting him three times as often as his second-favorite champion, and it was a surprise that teams in the group stage left him available.
Crown’s dominance with Viktor will likely merit a ban for the champion from Cloud9 each game of the match and he will have to succeed on someone else. However, it’s not just Crown that Cloud9 has to account for. Ambition has been a great Jungler this season, picking up MVP votes for his performance in the LCK Playoffs and Ruler is one of the best AD Carry’s around. It will be tough matching up against this line-up.
Cloud9 Breakdown
Cloud9 is now North America’s lone hope for redemption on the world stage. C9 started off slowly this year with a disappointing performance in the North American Spring Split, but has continued to improve and build chemistry throughout the year. They showed their growth when they knocked off an Immortals team that had only lost to TSM in North American play in order to get the last spot from the region.
This team hasn’t set the world on fire so far at Worlds. Cloud9 was trounced twice by SKT, split its series with Flash Wolves, and beat I May 2-0 in order to reach this point. Some experts were calling for big performances from this side based upon the perceived resurgence of North America and the way it ended the season, but that has yet to transpire.
Cloud9 needs big performances from Jensen, Meteos, and Sneaky opposite SSG’s three big stars in order to win this one. Jensen has seemed to mature considerably over the last two seasons, but still tends to struggle with the mental aspect of the game and if he’s outplayed early it can have a snowball effect on him. 
Meteos will need to keep up the team-fighting capabilities that he displayed against I May in the group stage versus SSG. He notched 22 assists as a Jungler in those two matches and it is numbers like that this team must have to knock off Samsung.
The Play
Surprisingly, Cloud9 is the biggest underdog of the Quarterfinals at +410. The oddsmakers look to have reacted strongly to their disappointing first two weekends of play, especially when juxtaposed with the play of their opponent SSG. 
The performance of Impact has been another cause for concern for Cloud9. He was one of the stars of the team during their run in the Summer Playoffs, but has been held in check so far, with his best performance coming in a losing effort to SKT. If he can play at the form he was playing at prior to Worlds, he can gain the upper hand on CuVee in the top-lane and give Cloud9 hope for the upset.
Samsung is a better team than Cloud9, but it’s hard to take the Koreans at this price. A value bet on Cloud9 is certainly worth it and the preferred option here.