The last matches of the first week of group stage take place on Sunday and positioning is crucial in order to ensure a spot in the League of Legends World Championships Quarterfinals. Who will succeed and who will falter on Day 4 of action?

G2 -840                                                 Albus Nox Luna +440

This is a must-win for G2 if they want to keep playing past next week. The European champions were upset by CLG in their first match and blew a golden opportunity to knock off ROX last night after gaining the upper hand early on. G2 is reeling right now, and a match against one of the international qualifiers is just what the doctor ordered.

Albus won a back-and-forth match against CLG to pick up their first win of the tournament, but a big reason for the win was careless play by CLG. CLG had a sizeable lead midway through the match after taking out three members of Albus in a team fight, but then dallied around and let Albus re-spawn and take a Baron to give them a buff that eventually turned the tide of the game.

Kudos to Albus for picking up a win, but this team is overmatched here. G2 is seasoned and disciplined in a way that CLG isn’t and is in a must-win situation now.

ROX Tigers -845                                                CLG +445

ROX showed why they are the best team in the world after a dominant come-from-behind performance against G2. Smeb showed why he is hailed as the best player in the world and the undisputed best top-laner after a slow start. With G2 looking to seize control, Smeb used his ultimate to get an ace and ROX took full advantage afterwards. ROX were the favorites to win the tournament coming in and look like the best team in the world at the moment.

This is just a tough match-up for CLG. They rely on individual skill in order to defeat their opponents and don’t have good team-play or strategy. Their lack of chemistry will be an issue against ROX who will lure them into team fights in order to pick up an advantage and eventually get the win.

SK Telecom T1 -450                         Flash Wolves +300

It’s been two dominant wins for SKT so far at Worlds, but now they play the team that has been their kryptonite. Flash Wolves 2-0ed this team at the 2016 MSI and for whatever reason fares very well against Korean teams.

However, the Flash Wolves have to be reeling at this point. Not only are they 0-2, but the manner in which they lost both games was pretty brutal. After blowing an early lead game against I May in their opener, Flash Wolves built up a significant lead against Cloud9 and knocked out the base inhibitors of the North American squad. However, they weren’t able to close out and ended up losing in what ended up being the second-largest match in Worlds history.

SKT would be a much bigger favorite against any other team with a similar resume, but their two losses to Flash Wolves a few months ago have shortened the line. Use this to your advantage and grab the Korean powerhouse to win this one.

Cloud9 -130                                        I May +100

Cloud9 has got to be feeling great right now. They outlasted Flash Wolves over a 70-minute match and mid-laner Jensen bounced back in a big way after being dominated by Faker in the mid-lane against SKT. Jensen helped turn the course of the game late and has got to be feeling confident heading into a crucial match here.

I May prefer to play a meticulous style of play, slowly taking objectives and building up gold leads in order to slowly squeeze the life out of a team. This team will have to get better play out of top-laner AmazingJ in order to win here. He was totally outclassed against SKT, but can definitely get the better of Cloud9’s top-laner Impact.

Cloud9 is a slight favorite to win, but I May are a slightly better side and will get the win here. Cloud9 should be sitting at 0-2 at this point and their play hasn’t been as strong as their Chinese counterparts.