Michael Crabtree is making a huge mistake

The latest news out of the NFL is that Michael Crabtree is ready to sit out an entire year over his contract. The 49ers and the talented youngster out of Texas Tech cannot see eye to eye on a deal. The thought is to hold out for a year and renter the NFL draft in 2010. A representative for 49ers draft pick Michael Crabtree told ESPN that the wide receiver is prepared to sit out the entire NFL season and re-enter the draft if he can’t reach a contract with the team. “We are prepared to do it,” David Wells, a cousin to Crabtree, told ESPN. “Michael just wants fair market value.”

There is no deal that this kid is a talent and the 49ers want him on the field, but if you’re listening Michael Crabtree heed this advice. Don’t do it. Holding out for the most money that you can get is not a bad idea. Missing training camp will put you behind the power curve but it’s not the end of the world, but missing a year is. The perfect example is Michael Williams out of USC. He sat out a year and has never been the same and that was after a great college season. If Crabtree sits out for a season you may expect a similar outcome. One thing for sure is I cannot see how sitting out a year will help is cause. His stock will drop because of all his inactivity; his value will drop because the money will not be there for a unproven talent with a huge ego. This will tell every GM that he is difficult to deal with and he will ask for too much money. This is not something that NFL general managers like to deal with.

If he is as good as advertised then he will get his money. Sign a three to five year deal and prove your worth. Then you will find your money just like Eli Manning has done and others before have. If is as good as he says he is then his reward will be in playing now and not sitting out. Tell your agent your ready to play, suit up and take the money!