The online poker world was given a bit of a boost on Monday, when America's Card Room purchased Doyle's Room, marking the merger of what were once two of the most powerful poker sites on the internet.

Doyle's Room was once one of the more notable online poker outlets thanks to the fact that the legendary Doyle Brunson's face and voice were used on the site. The software was quite easy to use, and there were rarely any complaints about the site. That was, until May of 2011, when the Department of Justice closed down the website as a part of a raid on a number of online sportsbooks and poker rooms. Doyle's Room opened up a new website that could not be seized by the US Government, but it stopped accepting United States players.

Little was heard from at Doyle's Room, though it continued to thrive as an online poker outlet in Europe and in other parts of the world. That was, until Monday.

America's Card Room was one of the first online poker outlets. It started up in 2001, before the poker boom really began in this country in the early to mid-2000s. Right away, it was a booming success, and it was clearly one of the biggest competitors in the market through 2006. However, when the UIEGA was passed in '06 and sportsbooks and poker outlets started to leave the US market, America's Card Room shut down.

The website only started back up again on September on the Yatahay Network, and all of a sudden, it has made a huge move to not just become relevant again, but to become huge again in the United States' poker market, and in the worldwide market.

This is a poker site that has already committed to a ton of bonuses and jackpots, namely its $300,000+ bad beat jackpot that continues to grow by the minute. An America's Card Room representative told reporters that there are even bigger bonuses coming with the newly infused capital brought into the site, and that those bonuses could start coming within a matter of weeks, not even months.

For the time being, the rebirth of America's Card Room is a tremendous success for American poker players who are hoping to play the game that they love.