Higgs is here with some WCC insight

All games are being played at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. 1 seed St Mary's and 2 seed Gonzaga have byes till the semi-finals.

Favorites. Well you probably heard of this Gonzaga team before. St Mary's is a good club and showed it by winning their first outright conference title since 1989.

The Sleepers. I am not going to call BYU a sleeper. I mean 24-7 on the year and 12-4 in conference is not really laying in the weeds. I will call on the Dons of San Francisco to be my sleeper. These guys just closed out the season playing St Mary's 67-60 loss, Gonzaga 66-65 win, and BYU 85-84 loss all at home. That is about as tough a 3 game stretch as a team could play. We can argue they could have gone 0-3, 3-0 or 2-1. SF is the sleeper of the WCC.

Wasted Money. The bottom of this conference is really terrible. Santa Clara went 0-16 in conference and Portland State 3-13 with Pepperdine at 4-12. None of those teams will do anything.