Here we go with our first look at the Big East Tournament as Sean Higgs finds you a gem in the rough.

This conference is huge. #1 Syracuse #2 Marquette #3 Notre Dame and #4 Cincy all have a double bye. #5 Georgetown #6 South Florida #7 Louisville and #8 West Virginia all have a bye.
We see 'name' programs seeded at #9 for UConn and #13 for Pitt. These teams were both ranked to start the year.

6 different teams have won this conference the last 6 years.

The FAVES - It is easy to like Syracuse. MSG is like a second home for them. They haven't won the tourney since 2006. Can't knock Marquette. You go 14-4 and 25-6 overall,  you know you are a good team.
Dark Horses - Last year UConn ran the table here and surfed the wave to a NCAA Championship. Who can do that this year? What about UConn? This team is talented no doubt. A 9 seed? They have had their share of problems all year. But they have guys who can get the job done. At +2000, you need to take a shot. I also am leaning on Louisville here. Another talented, highly rated team to start the year. When you play defense and get hot from 3, well you can win anywhere. UL is at +1200 right now. What about Pittsburgh? Sitting at +2000. This team has looked terrible at times during the year. But they do have good guard play and goto player who can carry their team.

Who Wins - Well Syracuse has some issues just coming up about drug policy. They are already locked into a #1 seed for the NCAAs. They really don't have any hope riding on any games here.

For me LOUISVILLE is the play. I will ride this team to the finish line. If Pitt can get past a tough St Johns team, I will call a few more upsets and say UL v Pitt for the Big East final!