Bookmaker Sportsbook has always been one of the top leaders of the sports betting industry, and the argument could be made that it is the top sportsbook in the world. Whether you are a small time bettor or one that routine bets four digits on games, should always be in the repertoire of sportsbooks that are always at your disposal. Now, Bookmaker has made it easier than ever before for you to bet on sports by being able to use your iPad, and now you can earn those important Bet Points without ever having to turn on your computer!

It is clear that the new phase of sports betting is clearly going to be on smartphones and tablets. Bookmaker isn't nearly the first sportsbook to launch websites specifically designed for mobile bettors, but it is certainly already one of the best and the most efficient. The time of the launch of the iPad website came just in time for the upcoming football season, which is just a few weeks away from kicking off.

Tablet users will get all of the great same benefits from Bookmaker Sportsbook as those that go on their website. Bookmaker has been in business since 1986, and it now has a loyalty program that is definitely worth registering for.

Ever take a look at your credit card and see that you have points available? Those points can usually be redeemed for things like airfare, hotel stays, and even cash back! Now, your loyalty to Bookmaker Sportsbook can be cashed in just the same way with the Bet Points program.

This program rewards you points for every bet that you place. Every straight bet is awarded a Bet Point for every dollar that you wager. The number of Bet Points you get is multiplied by 1.5 if you bet teasers, if bets, or reverse bets, and the number of Bet Points doubles on all parlays. That $100 two-team parlay won't get win you $260 when you cash out your earnings, but it will get you a quick $200 Bet Points as well.

Once you sign up for Bet Points, you will get a 10% free play bonus, free deposits, and a free payout once per month, so long as you deposit at least $300 and withdraw at least $300. Once you exceed 30,000 Bet Points, you'll also get 10% more Bet Points for every play that you make. If you get beyond 300,000 Bet Points in a 12-month period though, you'll be considered a Diamond member of the Bet Points program. Instead of a 10% free play bonus, that number increases to 15%. You also get two free payouts per month, all of your deposit fees reimbursed, a 24/7 VIA customer service number, and not just the 10% bonus that you would get at the second level for added Bet Points, but another 10% on top of that!

So what do you do with all of these Bet Points? For starters, you can get refunded cold, hard cash. Starting with as few as $500 worth of Bet Points, you could request to receive a cash out, valuing anything as small as $2.25 all the way up to $715 if you are cashing in 90,000 Bet Points. Prefer gift cards instead? Bookmaker offers those for, Kohl's, Applebee's, AMC Theatres, and so much more. Frequent flyer miles on American Airlines, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue could be earned as well. And then there are other goodies available such as Bookmaker apparel, magazine subscriptions, a reduction or elimination of fees associated with deposits and/or withdrawals, handicapping services, and even free electronics.

Heck, now would be a great time to sign up for Bet Points, just so you can sign a tablet! What would you do with that tablet? Use the new iPad app to be able to go right on your mobile device and bet at Bookmaker Sportsbook!