The calender says August, and that means NFL Pre-Season action! .. But let's focus on the upcoming season and here is my thoughts on the NFC East

1. NY GIANTS - This pains me to write this as a lifelong Cowboys fan. But let's be honest. This team wins when it has too. They went 9-7 last year, but went on a run to win the Super Bowl for the 2nd time in 4 years! I have always like Eli. I thought he had the talent to be as good or better than his brother. And he has proven it by winning two titles. I think the offense is a bit weaker than 2011, but the defense gets so much pressure on opposing QBs, that it should lead to some short fields for Eli and friends.

2. DALLAS COWBOYS - Picking my 'Boys here. I still don't know why everyone is down on Romo. The guy is productive. Let's talk about HC Jason Garrett's play-calling that has cost them games. I think the offense is talented and should score enough points to win 10 games. The defense should be better under 2nd year DC Rob Ryan. Dallas made a couple big moves drafting a solid CB Claiborne, and in FA by getting Carr. Those guys should dramatically improve a poor Cowboy secondary.

3. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - I have to be honest. I really though about putting these guys in 1st place. They are extremely talented on both sides of the ball. The offense can score in a hot-second, but I think that hurts the defense sometimes. On a sad note. As I write this Andy Reid's son was found dead at Eagles training camp. I known Reid has always put the team ahead of his family. That was evident when his son went through some drug/jail issues. I would think, that as a father, this would really weigh on him. With children myself, I just cannot see how this guy has his head in the game. Even if it just for 3+ hours on a Sunday. I believe the players will rally for their coach. But I think that the coach will be emotionally somewhere else.

4. WASHINGTON REDSKINS - The RGIII Era starts. There is a lot of excitement in Washington as there should be. Owner Daniel Snyder opened up his wallet in the offseason (again!) and tried to get his rookie QB some weapons in WR Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan to go with Santana Moss and Leonard Hankerson.  TEs Fred Davis and Chris Cooley should provide a good safety net for the rookie QB. Playing in this division with a rookie in control of the reigns, I think the 'Skins will have some growing pains here in 2012.