Hey guys, the Big Game Hunter is here to lay down the odds to win the Super Bowl just for you. As expected, some teams are favored while some odds may surprise you. In any case, here are the odds to win the 2013 Pro Football Championship:


Packers     4-1

Patriots     4-1

49ers         6-1

Saints        7-1

Broncos    7-1

Ravens      8-1

Eagles       9-1

Steelers     10-1

Texans      10-1

Bears         10-1

Giants       12-1

Cowboys   12-1

Chargers    15-1

Lions         15-1

Jets            20-1

Falcons      20-1

Bengals     20-1

Cardinals   25-1

Colts          30-1

Raiders      30-1

Chiefs        30-1

Titans        30-1

Bills           30-1

Redskins    30-1

Panthers     35-1

Seahawks   35-1

Dolphins     50-1

Rams          50-1

Vikings       60-1

Buccaneers 80-1

Browns       100-1

Jaguars       100-1


Well, sports fans, there you have it. Most people play their hometown or favorite teams to win it all. There is some value in a few of the "middle of the road" and one or two "longshots". Be sure to enjoy yourself. The one way to guarantee a successful season is to get all my winners right here. Thank you and Good Luck. Joe D'Amico