Hello sports fans, Joe D'Amico here. We are on the eve of yet another Pro Football campaign. As each year passes, NFL Future Wagers grow in popularity. One such Future is wagering on a Team's Total Wins. I personally like my money where it belongs, in my pocket. I prefer to play strong on a specific game and have my winnings back as soon as possible. However, sometimes tying your money up for a prolonged period of time has its advantages. Of the 32 NFL teams, I have uncovered 9 teams that I feel have "Value" in this department.

The following is the Team, Total number of wins, my prediction, and my comments on them:

Philadelphia Eagles: 10 Wins. I like the UNDER. The NFC East is truly competitive. This team has too many ego's and a lot of off the field distractions. Hitting DDs is a tough one here.

Houston Texans: 10 Wins. I like the UNDER. They are the strongest team in their Division but a tougher schedule than last season combined with certain key players being healthy all season is a must and makes it difficult to reach 10 victories. They should take the AFC South but DD wins ain't easy.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 10 Wins. I like the UNDER. Pittsburgh is a solid squad but the Division is Baltimore's to take. The Steelers lifeblood is their defense, which is getting pretty long in the tooth.

Denver Broncos: 9 Wins. I like the OVER. Oakland and Kansas City are shaky at best. The Bronco's won 8 games LY and if Peyton Manning stays healthy, he, himself will add at least 2 wins.

New York Giants: 9 Wins. I like the OVER. The Giants are the most complete team in the NFC East and are way underrated. They should have no problem hitting DD wins.

Chicago Bears: 9 Wins. I like the UNDER. The Bears are full of holes and put way too much emphasis on Matt Forte. Once defenses key on the RB, the passing game will crumble.

Cincinnati Bengals: 8 Wins. I like the OVER. The Bengals are no pushover. They are young and talented. And by the way, nobody told them that they can't win.

Miami Dolphins: 7 Wins. I like the OVER. The  AFC East belongs to New England but both Buffalo and New York are in trouble. This gives the 'Fins a real chance.

Indianapolis Colts: 5 Wins. I like the OVER. Two words… Andrew Luck.

There you have it, true "bang for the buck" value. Make sure to have fun this season. I know for me, having fun is making money. The one way to ensure a profitable season is to get all my wining information right here. Thank you and Good Luck. Joe D'Amico