We all love College Football. It doesn't matter if it's your alma mater or just your favorite mascot. We all love NCAAF. Of the 100 plus board Division 1 College Football teams, let's face it, only about the Top 10 have a real chance at the National Championship. It comes down to strength of schedule and margin of victory. This isn't your kids tee-ball team where one coach takes it easy on the other because the kids are cute and everyone gets a trophy. This is war. And believe you me, every inch counts. Below are the official odds to win the National Title:


USC is 3/1. LSU is 7/2. Alabama is 5/1. Oregon and Oklahoma are 7-1. Georgia and Arkansas are 10/1. Florida State is 12/1. Virginia Tech, Texas, Clemson, Michigan, and Notre Dame are 20/1. West Virginia and South Carolina are 25/1. Michigan State, Nebraska and Wisconsin are 30/1. TCU and Boise State are 40/1. Florida and Auburn are 50/1. Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Penn State, and Mississippi State are 60/1. Texas A&M, Washington, Arizona State, Iowa, BYU, Baylor, Stanford, Kansas State, Utah, and California are 75/1. Georgia Tech, Louisville, NC State, Virginia, Illinois, Washington State, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, South Florida, and Arizona are 100/1. UCLA and Boston College are 150/1. And the Field is at 50/1.


Guys, that's the College Football skinny. As I said, barring a miracle, the Top 10 is the Top 10 for a reason. The only way to ensure a fun and money making season is to follow all my releases right here. Thank you and Good Luck. Joe D'Amico.