Costa Rica has been the home of a number of great online sportsbooks over the year, but it has also been through a number of bad ones as well. Here at Bang the Book, we have joined forces with UCABet, and we are excited to promote it as one of our many featured online sportsbooks.

Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, the UCABet family is offering up tremendous customer service and deposit bonuses that are just as good, if not better than any sportsbook out there on the internet. features a no-nonsense customer service center that is available 24/7. The customer center service is also the one that is used by JustBet Sportsbook, one of the most consistent sportsbooks that has been on the internet for decades.

The sportsbook doesn't have live betting, nor does it have a poker room, but these are small details that a sports bettor can live without. What's a lot more important about UCABet is all of the promotions that it runs on a regular basis. The sportsbook has offered up four sweepstakes every single year, each of which are road trips to the playoffs for baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. The vacation package is valued at $5,000, and the promotion runs for times per year.

UCABet has a great membership program that rewards you the more that you play. Annually, this sportsbook gives out over $26,000 worth of rewards back to its clients, and that number is only going to grow as the sportsbook continues to grow.

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If any of this sounds familiar to you, it probably should. Remember BetBadlands? This was one of the pioneers of the online sports gambling world, and though that book is gone, all of its pieces remain and are now right here at UCABet.

You can bet on the go with the mobile website, or it you prefer to do things the old fashioned way by placing your wagers on the phone, you can do that as well. Not only is there a separate number for wagering, but there is an alternate as well so you can always get in, even if you are looking to place a last minute bet.

UCABet is one of the up and coming sportsbooks on the internet, and it has great management and customer service from some of our favorites in the industry backing it. This is an absolute must have of a sportsbook if you are a serious sports betting fanatic, as we think that this will be one of the top sportsbook in the world very, very soon.